Shit. I am on holiday in November but can’t remember exact dates. Booked tickets for Oxford though. 400 capacity venue. Like the sound of that.


That slight twist at 6:48 into the final swell of “Opener” is so, so great. I can’t believe I’d never heard them until this year.


Has anyone met them in person? Are they nice people? And does their chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight?


My band recorded with MJ, and while there we stayed at one of the guitarist’s place, another one of my bands played with Cowtown, the drummer’s other project, and the bassist used to write at the same Zine as me way back in the day.

So yes, GBOL


i interviewed mb last year at a festival where his other band, xam duo, were playing.

afterwards i sent him an email with a couple of questions about his modular setup and he sent me back a series of very long, considered emails with a tonne of helpful advice and recommendations and so on.

absolutely stand up guy imho.



what a fucking line up