Have you ever been to Hooters? I went to the Cardiff branch on a stag do, it has now closed. I had boneless chicken wings and some chips and quite a few terrible lagers. It was quite grim.

The groom had to stand on a chair and sing a song at one point. There were 4 other gentlemen stood on chairs at the same time. It was quite grim.

It was quite grim.


never have i ever
nor strip clubs either


i’ve been to a few actually - went to the one in Houston as it was close to my office and the food was pretty cheap. it was a bit shite food-wise.

went to one in pheonix just to annoy my friend who hated every single second of it. i asked one of the waitresses to flirt with him to really mess him up - she replied that “she would have anyway, for tips”.

I think i went to one in dallas maybe, but can’t remember very well.


yeah, in the us of america. was pretty grim.

dunno if they’re different here, but those ones are weirdly not as out and out sleazy as you would imagine, they’ve got a kind of family friendly vibe to them. just with birds wandering about in skimpy clothes. pretty bizarre.



it’s fine


There’s something slightly more awkward about Hooters than there is a strip club.


My mate went to the one in Nottingham recently on a stag do.

Reports were it was a bit of a grim experience.


Not been, didn’t even know they existed in this country.

A few years back however, I was in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia which is an absolute hell hole town in the middle of a desert surrounded by mining operations and therefore full of bored miners with nothing to do with their wages. Many of the local bars are known as ‘skimpy bars’ as the barstaff (all female) only wear their underwear while working. Was fairly awkward.


No but I’m a regular in Chebs.


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I have no idea what you’re talking about.


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Been to the one in Nottingham a couple of times. Sadpunk’s got cracking wammers.


yeah nottingham is pretty awful


pretty sexist.


Perplexed when I went past one in Budapest last month to find a fair few couples and families with young children sitting outside. Think of the hundreds of other places you could be.


oh Hooters definitely is.


hooters is pretty rubbish also