Anyone have one of those novelty horns on their car? One that plays ‘La Cucaracha’ or somesuch cheery tune?


I asked if they’d do it as an extra when I ordered my company car, but they said no.

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…because it came as standard?

I’m so pleased you can ^This the OP now.

If you’d asked me this a few weeks ago, I’d honestly not have known either way.

Then some shit cunt in a BMW pulled out about ten feet in front of me in a roundabout and I went full “FUCKIN… beeeep

A Seat León? With a horn that plays ‘La Cucaracha’? Seems like a bit of a stereotype to me. No wonder they wouldn’t do it.

It was the other standard I was after. I’m blanking on the name. You know the one I mean.

imagine being pure raging at someone and you can only la cucaracha them

I’m away home bye

‘Jerusalem’? Ruddy Tory!

(I cannot think of another common novelty horn tune.)

jingle bells?

‘Horny’ by Hot ‘n’ Juicy & Mousse T?

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Big fan of the massive fuck off air horns on our Scania trucks at work.

Would be good to stick one of those on the car.


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