Hop Along


Dis (and pitchfork actually, for all of the bad press it gets on here) are far better than they used to be as far as championing music by women (see last year’s best of list from Sean) but even so… I don’t think, personally, it’s worth getting complacent about. Maybe because of the genres you listen to and where you get your recommendations you get a good balance of different artists, in which case that’s awesome. But I certainly wouldn’t chastise someone who is more active in selecting their music to consciously counteract a gender imbalance.

I’ve probably only got time to listen properly to one new metal /hardcore release this week and, if I hear good things about several lps in that genre, I’ll choose to give my time to the female fronted one because in my library they are hugely outweighed by male fronted ones.


The album just didn’t quite click for me on the first couple of listens. It’s certainly not bad in any way but I didn’t enjoy it as others have here. I’ll give it another spin to see if I’m missing something.


They’ve got three tracks to listen off the new album on Bandcamp and they’re all absolute BANGERS.


it took me quite a long while but it does start clicking in a big way after like 4 or 5 listens I feel.

Part of me just wishes for a return to this though:


What are everyone’s favourite tracks from this? I’m addicted to Prior Things and the back half of Abel is pretty perfect.


Pretty much the case with me too. I can’t get Prior Things out of my head and I’m afraid it’s going to ruin the song.


The strings are basically ideal - melodic but driving, not too syrupy or cloying. Got they fit in with the full band so well.


Prior Things is the only good song as it doesn’t sound like every other track. Disappointed in general


Really good album, for me. Like it a lot more than Painted Shut atm


Not sure if I’m fully on board with the Paramore/Haim-ish muted guitars yet, but ‘The Fox in Motion’ is the early standout for me. Really digging ‘What the Writer Meant’ too, love the sound of it.

Needs way more listens, but already think it’s a good next step from Painted Shut.


Not Abel (?) is the weird one for me. The first half is nice but very…odd. Whereas the closing outro/half is bloody sublime.


Prior Things actually a perfect song.


i heard waitress on the radio a few years ago and thought it was brilliant & raw, but after listening to their records and seeing them live some of her vocals feels really inauthentic for some reason.

the fact that she has such incredible control of her voice means whenever she pushes that strain it pulls me out of the moment in a way that i don’t think would happen if she was less in control… like i’m aware all singers are using technique to express emotion but i cant get past how replicable it is.

i am aware it’s dumb nonsense to think about authenticity but i cant help it.

waitress is a fucking banger though.



I dunno about nobodycares I just don’t entirely understand what you’re saying. I assume she just has nodes or something leading to her voice sort of cracking like that when she goes loud?


can’t blame you for not understanding that post man, it’s straight :100: gibberish.

dunno if i can even make sense of what i was trying to say, let’s see…

i dunno about nodes, think she could sing loud without that straining, she’s using it for effect, & she’s so incredibly talented a singer that she can replicate the strain perfectly like no one i’ve ever heard. this makes me feel uneasy because the emotion of the effect comes from the idea of being right on the brink of ruin. if there’s no jeopardy of the strain breaking completely it feels false in a way.

idk. it’s not a criticism of her voice or music. just my reaction to it.


Oh right, I guess maybe. I wasn’t really aware you could fake that sort of strain on your voice without possibly damaging it!


What evidence do you have that she’s putting it on? It seems pretty consistent to me


Have to admit, it’s her voice that’s probably my favourite thing about the band by far.


I was initially put off by it when I first listened to them with Painted Shut but it grew on me quickly


I don’t think she’s putting it on, or I don’t think she’s putting it on anymore than any other singer is putting it on.

i’m not saying she’s alone in using a strained voice for effect either. just that, because she’s so good at it, my emotional response is to find it inauthentic rather than genuinely emotional or cathartic or something. idk

I’m gonna stop now.