Hope anyone in charge of the bins where they live is coping ok

Excess general waste, loads more recycling and random collection days. Hope you’re all holding up ok. Heavy is the head that wears the bin crown at this time of the year.


Thank you for reminding me I need to check my collection day, it would be tomorrow in normal times but in the netherworld I am adrift

Update: It’s tomorrow as usual

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Genuinely impressed that our binmen came today on schedule as if Christmas never happened.

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Another opportunity to talk about how much better the rubbish collection system in Spain is to the UK.

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Our general waste bin day would have been Sunday, they should be collecting today any time up to 9pm, doesn’t seem to have happened yet. The paper/cardboard bin is the worst, it’s already full and it’s also getting pushed back from the usual Sunday to a week today. Thanks for your concern.

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Today was bin day, so all good.

They weren’t collecting recycling today but that’s fine because our recycling collection isn’t this week anyway, so we’re not missing out on anything this year.

The recycling bin will probably be overflowing by then but it always does because of the infuriating design of them.


Just moved to a place where we have individual bins, not really a fan even with the numbers of times I found myself carrying bags of recycling around trying to find a bin that wasn’t overflowing.

Got a message on the street WhatsApp, “Gentle reminder, bin day is Wednesday instead of the usual Monday collection this week”.

Issuing gentle reminders to your neighbours about bin day like some pass agg work email is a baller move, got to respect it


Ours has been put back from Friday to next Wednesday. Outrageous.

Absolute chaos. The local Facebook group is going to go off.


What are we meant to do if there’s an armageddon before whenever Tuesday is?

Thank you for this thread. I have just put the recycling and general waste bins out for collection tomorrow

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sorry Glasgow but you’ve the worst bin system on this Earth

Collection days haven’t changed here. Very strange.

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Been staying at my parents over Christmas. Really dreading to discover the communal bin situation back at my flats. I’m the only one who ever bothers putting them out for collection normally

our cardboard bins are out of control tbh. yeah that’s right, bins! we’ve got two and they’re both full!! i don’t know if we’re going to make it!!!

Bins are out!

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Bin days are as usual! Presumably because Xmas and boxing day both fell on a weekend.

I am still doing a tip run though,because grandparents and kids