hopeful punt for some tableau help

So, as it stands I’ve got
Account numbers. Contact methods. And number of times that contact has been made.

Each account number is listed to show a main contact method of ‘multiple’ if they have used more than one contact method by doing a ‘count of contact method’ calculation, then an if statement:

CALC 1: IF [Count of MCM] >1 then “Multiple” else ATTR ([Main Contact Method]) END

Then there’s an over/under calculation for total contacts of:

CALC 2: IF SUM([Total Contacts]) >5 THEN “above” else “below” end

then an if calculation to bring these together to give each account number a type of contact so:

CALC 3: IF [Calc 1] = “Multiple” and [Calc 2] = “above” then “serial” etc.

All of this works. The issue is it’s not letting me do any subtotals or cut the data with e.g. the count of account numbers. I guess I need to do a fixed LoD expression at some point during the calculations but it keeps bringing through errors about using fixed expressions on aggregated data. Anyone got any ideas?

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have you tried turning it off and on again


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does that help?

CALC 4: IF [Calc 1] = “Multiple” and [Calc 2] = Does not work; THEN place in bowl of rice

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Just download a csv and use excel imo

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Guess that’s a no on the tableau calculations then

Start again from scratch in Power BI then when you get back to this stage, ask again.*

*Don’t do this, I’m assuming Tableau is better than Power BI.

Tableau IS better than power bi. Its not my workbook though and the way it’s all been put together is irking me quite a lot.


Tried that. Got the ‘level of detail expressions cannot contain table calculations or the attr function’ error

But the first calc needs to have an ATTR function so it doesn’t error the if statement

ah, will give it a bash