Hopes for the next Kanye album?



after TLOP , i really don’t know what type of sound he will use. I feel like he pretty much did everything like on MBDTF with some rock influences , the gospel/soul on TLOP , the experimentations on Yeezus,etc. In which way do you think Kanye will involve himself in on his next record?

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i think that he will do some rap singing about taylor swift


I’m white as fuck so I hope it sounds like Broken Social Scene


He’s just changed his Instagram pic to “Happy Valentine’s Day Babe” and started spamming it with loads of pictures of famous couples (with the exception of the Obamas, all of whom are no longer together - bit weird). We’ve had Princess Diana and Charles, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty, loads of Pamela Anderson…

This is the sort of weird shit he pulls before dropping a track or something, so I’m intrigued. Hoping for a secret album drop of auto-tune ballads by the time I wake up.






More Mr Hudson


I think it’s fair to say that the whirlwind creation of TLOP in the public eye was an insane idea - certainly an unfinished idea - and one that only someone like Ye could have landed as well as he did.

But what I’d love is for him to have been hidden away really enjoying and creating music at his own pace. Working on a cohesive, slightly more grown up album - maybe addressing his recent fall from grace (any time he’s been publicly humbled he’s come back with fire), but also some loosie fun light hearted experiments for a series of Good Fridays.

There’s a reason Kanye gets away with being Kanye, and it ain’t his clothing line. Remind us!


Doubt there’ll ever be one tbh


Absolutely no hopes for it except that he actually makes one and tours in Europe.


Hope he’s back to his Kanye Best.


It’ll be a half arsed trap record with 100 guest appearances from drake.and Gucci mane and everyone will love it.


Actually don’t think his ego will allow that. It’ll be Great!


I hope he has a good time making it and makes new friends along the way