Horribly single support thread for singletons (SINGLE PEOPLE ONLY)


That love life thread can get fucked. Too many happy people in there. How are your single lives going?

Mine is horrible. Thought I was over my ex but she told me this weekend that she’s with someone else now and very happy and it hit me like a tonne of bastards. Have only just now calmed down, my heart wouldn’t stop pounding for two days.

Also went what I thought was a date on Friday but she started telling me about someone she is seeing. WTF. I was raging.

How are you?

If you’re not single please kindly FUCK OFF.

How's your love life DiS?



Did I see you on Friday at the Windmill?


I was there (arrived about 10:30pm) but I didn’t see you so possibly. NOW PLEASE LEAVE.


I’ve now been single for five months (longest period since I was out of my teens) and the novelty is wearing thin.

Physical contact is an underrated thing. Miss it very much.


Five months is the longest you’ve ever been single since you were a teenager?!

Fuck off.


Been single since my married exploded almost 3 1/2 years ago. Really starting to grate. Concerning that I’m getting older and older, and thus even less of an appealing prospect, I have a 4 year old boy (who is admittedly fantastic), and a mental ex wife. I also have no money as a result of aforementioned divorce (and her secret debts), so basically I will remain single.

Fucking sigh.


Marckee please this thread is about understanding and kindness. AND YOU’RE NOT SINGLE.


Er, yes.


I had to leave pretty sharpish after the bands finished, but yeah, I thought I spotted you in the far corner.


have been single for like 2 years now, and really needed to be because I realized that I’d been in a relationship of some sort with someone without a break for 6 years. Having a partner, i.e. a commitment to someone else, was causing some pretty bad anxiety as I was constantly feeling as though I was letting people down etc. But yeah, I’ve really enjoyed it actually. BUT have been feeling as though I’d like to ‘get back on it’ of late. have had casual flings throughout my self imposed romantic exile, but I find that sort of thing really unfulfilling and pointless.


The lack of physical contact thing is the worst. Hurts even more when the person you’d like to be close to is like the last person on earth who you can get close to.


That really sucks.

I appreciate that five months isn’t long really but it feels long and I haven’t been happy for much much longer than that so it’s all compounded.


Been single for probably 5 years.

Have seen people and stuff but they or me have just…stopped getting in touch after about a month.

Its fine.

Girl at work I fancy is now kinda out my system, but I’m sure she’ll pull something out the bag to make it unnecessarily painful.

On the plus side, there’s a cute redhead girl who I walk past from and to work who’s always seemed like a bit of an ice queen. Anyway, she smiled at me and now started waving
coyly when we pass which is awesome, as I’ll no doubt start stalking her in the pubs I’ve seen her in and go completely mental about this, too.


I’m not sure having a kid and lack of money is necessarily a barrier to a new relationship is it? Are you trying to meet people?


Haven’t been in a relationship for 10 years. To be honest, for most of those I wasn’t bothered as the break up over the relationship I’d been in had made me so upset I didn’t want to be in one for a long, long time.

If anyone is wondering, I bottled it and couldn’t ask the girl out at work as my nerves got the better of me. She liked the present I got her though.


Hopefully the child doesn’t put off anyone who’s worth meeting. The money thing is an issue as I really can’t afford anything on top of basic staying alive costs. Very difficult to do anything other than what I normally do, so unless someone rocks up at work (bad idea) or my brass band, I’m screwed.


might steal this phrase it’s great

i’ve been single for ages, in general i’m fine with it, the main time i hate it is when i’m hungover and sad and want someone to cuddle


If she liked the present you are well in there.


I was going to @ you but thought it’d be a bit…unwanted.

I went out on Friday and everyone was saying how I’ve dodged a massive bullet as she’s notoriously hard work. Probably right, but I would LITERALLY HAVE KILLED EVERYONE IN THE ROOM TO HOLD HER HAND. ONCE.