🐴 Horse Thread 🐴



It has been decided we need a thread to celebrate all things horse related. Horses are bloody brilliant, aren’t they. :heart:

I’ll kick things off with this old pic of me aged ~16 on a horse I used to hang out with a couple of times a week (such good posture I had back then).

Also a more recent one from this summer when I met this GBOPony on a hike (we’re deep in conversation as you can tell).

@jeffpistachiomagnum, feel free to repost your gothic pic here if you want, and everyone else please post anything positive you might have to share about horses.



Used to ride horses during the summer when I was a teenager. Quite enjoyed it, horses are a GBOH.


There’s horses in the field behind my mum’s house. I think there’s a big fence there now though so I can’t see them. I’ll have a look in a minute. Here’s me n horsies pre-fence.



I’d love a picturesque garden with a horse in it


No horses out today. Probably staying warm in a barn or something.


Horses > Wave > Radio Ethiopia > everything else


I think I respect horses more than I like them you know


Here is a handsome boy from the New forest last time I went


Not massively into horses, but my 7-year-old niece currently is a horse. At least, she claims to be, and I don’t feel I’m in a position to argue with a horse.

Just on the way to buy a book about horses (to go along with the horse colouring book) for her present. Might buy her a rosette as well.


wouldn’t want to ride them but I find them so relaxing


I got in trouble on a school trip for feeding a Wotsit to a horse and was convinced it was going to die. Pretty cruel thing to make a kid believe.


Not a fan


Bit harsh.


They’re obviously very handsome animals but their heads are simply too big for me to trust them, sorry


Never inject it, kids


I’ve ridden a horse once. I rode a diminuitive but plucky white horse across a bit of Dartmoor one day during “enrichment week” one year at school.


in the top five things I’ve ever done. maybe top three.


Live about 50 yards from a stables. Can see it from my back door.

Often hear the horses chatting to each other and having a good old laugh at night. Big fan.


came to say this


Saw about a hundred horses on Boxing Day. Let down by their respective humans though: