🐴 Horse Thread 🐴





I got chased by horses when i was little and it was a big rush. also rode one once cause my friend’s mum had loads. Horses are a rush.


I like patting horses
I like feeding horses

I have never rode nor wanted to ride one
I don’t like people who ride them on roads.


Happened across a good chap a month or so ago on a walk across the fields in St Donats, just south of Bridgend. Didnt cross paths with a lot of horses when living in london so always stop for a chat.

Also a repost of the mysterious Four Horseman of Pinkneys Green


They scare the shit out of me - Too big, too powerful, too unpredictable.

To be fair, I went horse riding in Costa Rica and my horse was mostly a great bunch of equine.

Apart from when he went cantering down a steep hill and I started bouncing off the saddle, which takes me back to my original point.


I was taking some nice photos of some nice horses on my way towards Lyme Park back in October, and some weird horse people got suspicious.

a teenage horse girl accused me of being a horse thief and said I was weird for taking photos of the horses.


Once hugged a police horse while on ecstasy, had a lovely time.


the horses were totally fine with it



how did this end


It was fine, was coming out of some big gig or festival, waiting to meet up with mates, hugged the horse then went for a taxi.


Best horse



Oh, Epona! She’s grown fond of you, ericv


Expressionless, Tory personality voids.


They’re quite beautiful, impressive animals. But tend to be complete arseholes


once i was approaching a blind bend on a country lane on my way home from work and i saw some horse poo in the road and thought β€œthat looks fresh, better slow down in case there’s a horse around the bend”. got round the corner and there was indeed a horse. i felt like the sherlock holmes of poo.


A horse once threw its rider off because it got spooked by my refrigerated van.

Used to hate coming across horses on the road for this reason. Even when I’m in a car, I am fucking terrified on behalf of the rider.

Once again…


It’s fun being really responsible in the car for horse people. Turn down the music and drive slowly on the other side of the lane. I think the wave the riders give you is heartfelt.


i used to go horse riding when i was a kid and once we were riding through windsor and the horse (who was called sidney) decided to throw me for no reason at all, the bastard. earlier in the ride we’d gone through a flooded field and he’d decided to lie down and try to roll over with me on his back, so i had to leap off into knee deep flood water before he crushed/drowned me. what an absolute prick.


sorry wr


Two horses