🐴 Horse Thread 🐴



Really like horses. Feel like I’ve got a bond with them (and also stray cats). Was quite good at horse riding when I was a kid but my dad stopped taking me for lessons because he said some of them looked depressed.
Bloody loads of them round here cause there’s a big racecourse (not a fan of that, very cruel imo).


I went pony trekking a few times as a kid - it always seemed to rain, which meant when you got off your horse your jeans were set into a John Wayne walking style

I am required to interact with horses and their riders fairly frequently whilst mountain biking. Most of them are lovely - the bad ones are the ones who are all arsey and the horse is all nervous but it doesn’t happen very often (I always slow right down and call out to let them know I’m there and if it’s ok to pass etc)


If horses were carnivorous they’d be really fucking scary.




Their teeth remind me of Tom Cruise’s


My grandad adopted a horse called Sydney who died and then he adopted a horse called albert

Every year the horse used to send a birthday card with his own picture on the front and ‘happy birthday from (albert/sydney)’

Always struck me as being pretty narcissistic to have your own face on someone elses card bruh


Always felt a greater affinity with donkeys


This was an actual horse anecdote though not just «horses are lame» (I used to get teased for being into horses so still get well defensive etc)

Edit: Also that specific horse definitely sounded like a prick tbf


yes it was very much just this specific horse being a dickhead. i would have a bit of sympathy for him for having to carry a person around on his back but he was a fairly large pony and i was a very skinny child


For many years I thought that horses slept standing up. One day I came across one in a private field lying down. Stood at the edge of the fence focussing on the horse, looking for signs of life. A farmer approached me and asked what the hell I was doing, then explained that the horse was alive. Felt a bit stupid but otherwise, a happy ending.


Maybe the horse just wanted a turn on your back? :wink:


Once when we were pony trekking, my mums horse just bolted off at full pelt, was very funny.


The Suffolk Punch is my favourite type of horse, great big horse. Lovely.



Growing up we lived 2 streets away from some stables that had about a dozen horses. Was a relatively common occurrence to come home and find an escaped horse casually munching the flowers in our front garden.


In fact, here’s me looking terrified on an horse in Costa Rica.

Good looking caballo to be fair to him.


how do you know it was on ecstasy


Because it pilled up lame


Happy New Year everyone!


Can’t remember what its for but i saw a horse on one of those escalator ads on the underground a few times recently that had the best horsey face


Actually most horse adverts are good, love the lloyds ones, and that amazon one with the tiny horse :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: