🐴 Horse Thread 🐴



Seen about a dozen horses on my walk today

This one was my fave, came straight over when I stopped, felt bad I didn’t have anything for it



I’m going to say hello to some horses and their humans tomorrow and I am SO excited!!


Update: They were a GBOH, and I rode one of them for like half an hour. First time I’ve been on horseback in about two years (and before that one time, several more years) so I’ve tried to stretch every muscle I could think of but I bet I’ll still be sore as heck tomorrow. Going back on Friday, and in the meantime I’ll be buying myself some new equipment at the new years sales :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:


I don’t really like horses but I like a disproportionate amount of songs about horses


Name some good songs about horses please scout


Look at this absolute TOP LAD I’ll be hanging out with twice weekly in the next few months.

He’s 19 years old but you would just never guess if you didn’t know, today was the first time we went for a ride alone and he made me work really hard! Completely ignoring my pitiful lack of muscles since it’s been years since I last rode regularly. Bit rude mate


forgot about this thread
here are some dune horses i once saw


I’ve made friends with a pony/small horse who lives at the top of a hill I ride my bike up - usually give him a bit of flapjack but only had a banana today, after he had some of the banana he started making weird throat noises and chewing on the fence post. is it ok to give a horse bananas? is it ok to give a horse banana peel?

(I didn’t give him the peel, but he was very interested in it)


i don’t know about bananas specifically but i think giving food to other people’s animals is generally not a good idea - even apart from knowing what kind of food is OK for that sort of animal, the animal could have medical conditions/allergies, or could just be fed snacks and sugary foods by everyone who walks past.

(as the owner of an extremely greedy, allergy-prone and formerly overweight cat, i’d be pretty pissed off if i found out someone else was feeding her!)


he lives at the top of a hill with no passing traffic except cyclists and the guys who work on the radio antenna, so i don’t think he’s gonna get fat. also he probably eats like a horse anyway.

maybe youre right, world seems a lot bleaker if you cant stop and share a snack with an animal though.


I would think of it a bit like giving other people’s kids food (but without the concerns about grooming). Ok to feed them if you’ve got their parents’ implicit permission and the parents have had a chance to tell you about any dietary requirements, but handing out peanut butter sandwiches to your neighbour’s 4 year old - not ok, not necessarily healthy for them and not setting good expectations for them.


Is me


@83746725 please make sure to post any future pics of your m9 in here as well :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


bloody well will do, we’ve loads here and they’re all lovely horses


Excellent, looking forward to it!


horses are great


Had a nice morning chat with this GBOH on my way to work


Just seeing those horse emoji in the title freak me out


Had a lovely sunny day with the horses! Kind if tricky to go riding in the woods with all the snow melting and everything though, but it’s worth it