🐴 Horse Thread 🐴

We are still hanging out twice a week btw and I’ve no plans to stop any time soon. :heart:

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Another GBOL, slightly younger than the other one (ie. ONLY 17 years old)


This morning’s walk. This is definitely the friendliest horse I see regularly, borderline clingy


What a lovely thread to happen upon. I love my horsey pals I meet on walks around our end.

Meet Rosie, the friendly Shetland pony, she loves a scratch behind the ears and polos.

And here’s Asa the cob foal who is possibly the sweetest animal I’ve ever met:


I’ll tell you what are cool, though… Horses. Horses are cool.


I love Rosie SO MUCH! Give her an extra ear scratch from me next time you meet her :heart:

Presenting Rufus, my most recent Shetland acquaintance:

We have 3 lady cobs where I ride, and they’re all with child as we speak! Come next summer, there’ll be 3 little Avas roaming around the pastures :star_struck::star_struck:

I’ve just been out for another ride with Loke, the last one I posted upthread.


They really are!!

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Horse meets dog.

They’re friends now


Rufus looks like a grand lad. I love foal season, lots of little guys running around with little lamb-like tails at the moment.

My main source of horsey fun are some fields just 5 mins away where there are some lovely horse ladies who rescue waifs and strays. Asa pictured above was an unexpected arrival. His mum (Sally) was rescued from the butchers, they didn’t realise she was in foal. Sally is really nervous and suspect she didn’t have a great time before her rescue, but is in great hands now and it makes me happy that Asa the foal is having such a happy life. Sorry, I’m horse waffling. I love these guys!!


Awesome! Makes me happy when someone posts in this thread.

I’ll snap pics of «our» cobs next time :blush:

Bill and Rufus having a bit of a lie down earlier today

And these are the three gypsy cob ladies. They’re all significantly bigger and sturdier than Bill, but he has still managed to impregnate all three of them, the suave bastard.


Meet the queen of my local horse friends, it’s Mindy the Welsh pony!

Special skills include being boss of the gate, having a really soft nose and strutting around like an absolute queen. Go on Mindy lass!


Her nose even looks soft! Don’t think I’ve ever seen a soft looking nose before.

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In case you’ve ever wondered what a very pregnant horse looks like: