Hostile and inaccessible architecture and privatisation of public spaces

seen lots of tweets about this councillor seemingly using the idea of accessibility as a pretext for introducing benches designed to prevent rough sleeping

hostile architecture is disgusting obviously so thought it might be worth its own thread

also pretty clear trend of removing seating in public places or replacing it with e.g. those stupid sloping seats at bus stops, i’m not disabled but get back pain when i stand or walk for too long so it’s pr noticable to me. fuck having to walk for 10 minutes in a city centre to find somewhere to sit that isn’t owned by a cafe


I like this tweet which rather brilliantly takes down hostile urban design.


stuff like this makes me so angry, just the perfect mixture of petty spiteful and callous.


at the train station near where i used to live they took the benches out and replaced them with these round plastic things that were clearly designed to not be sat on for too long, used to go there a lot to meet people and it made me angry every time. think they’ve put benches back now but with dividers on them which is still shit


yeah it’s disgusting to think there are people who are actively designing and investing in making public places hostile to the public. I know there are worse things happening in the world but it just seems so obviously cruel for no other purpose.


and then if you are having a nice walk in a park you have to see them and be reminded of how shit things are

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I can’t remember if I was dreaming or if it was fake, but I’m sure I saw rainbow colours painted on the anti-homeless spikes somewhere.

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(it’s a photoshop, but quite a funny one)


I read her defence Tweet that it was parents of wheelchair users urging these as if she didn’t have loads of actual wheelchair users responding to her saying they weren’t useful. I guess maybe that sort of seat would be useful to parents of a young child in a wheelchair so they could sit either side? Anyway, made me think it could just be honest lack of awareness rather than a desire to make more hostile architecture, but then the doubling down response is full bullshit regardless.

Nah. Her use of overly emotive defensive language “A slur! A SLUR!!” (as-fuckin-if) is purely indicative of a shitehawk being caught out being a shitehawk. She knew exactly what she was endorsing, she just vastly underestimated her critics and constituents.


Remember the first time I saw spikes outside doorways and under building ledges some years back, when I realised what they were for I thought yep, we’re fucked

I didn’t get what they were for for ages because I’d already seen anti-skateboard edging so much I just figured it was to stop them riding on anything