Hot Air Balloon Chat

A person has asked me if I’d like to go on a hot air balloon ride with them and I have been less than enthusiastic so far. They were surprised but then when they asked other people they discovered that a lot of people are somewhat averse.


Been in one? Fancy it? Dread the idea? Couldn’t care less?

  • I would happily ride in a hot air balloon and wouldn’t be in the least bit scared.
  • I would definitely ride in a hot air balloon despite being a bit scared
  • I think I might be too scared to ride in a hot air balloon but you never know
  • There’s no way I’d go up in one, fuck that for a laugh.

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Did you know in America they call them ‘bounce houses’


Yes! I’m in!

Can I pull the stringy thing and make it go ‘fwoof!’

Can I drop out some ballast when we start crashing?

Can I paint it to look like balonz?


No chance I’d go in one. No way, no how.

in that order btw


Absolutely fuck off.

As if you wouldn’t be scared.

You’re a big baby.

*despite being a lot scared.


why would I be scared? I don’t know a single person who’s died in a hot air ballooning accident. Seems fine.

Do they generally have sky diving kit in the basket so you could jump out of it if it was plummeting to the ground?

take an emergency microlight


Gas-johnnies I believe

Been in one! My cousin is a hot air balloon pilot. It was scary for a bit but then basically just looked amazing.

Because you’re a known scaredy-cat.

I am actually a ‘brave boy’

How can you steer one of those? Yeah you can up and down and there are thermals and shit but you don’t see thermals and if you did would you be able to tell it was a left thermal.

Load of bullshit. Pretty sure they don’t exist.


Show us your sticker then. Prove it!

Ohh right balloon/balonz. wish someone had explained that to me.

Fair point. Were they even on Pilotwings?? don’t think so!!