Hot Air Balloon Chat

Love the word dirigible.

I think I’d be fine going up on a hot air balloon. We quite often have hot air balloons flying over at weekends, as there is a club quite near by. I got woken up the other week by the roar of a hot air balloon trying to get over the house. You could literally see the guy pretty close up outside my bedroom window.

We also have a gliding club nearby, and I’ve done that as a passenger, which was really good fun.

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Would love a go in a glider

You’re right to, it feels lovely in the mouth.


Someone I know in Bath belonged to the ballooning club or was the chairman of it or something and I went in one with him and some other people once. Fucking brilliant mates, do it if you ever get the chance. Take some ciders and pasties and have a sky picnic like we did. Loved it, want to go again please.

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Given I’m prone to panic attacks on planes, I think I’ll pass.

That’s interesting.

I really want to do it but I’m also absolutely convinced that I will find the whole thing terrifying.

Where bounce you ballooning hun

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My gf, whose idea it is for us to go in one, is also scared of flying in planes. Had to reassure and distract her throughout take-off and landing. Not sure why she’s so comfortable with the idea of a balloon ride.

it’s not the being up high or fear of falling out or any of that I’d be bothered about, i don’t like the idea of being trapped. like, it’s quite a small basket and you can’t leave.

Yeah it was great. Someone I used to work was a trained glider, so he took me and some others up.

I only live about a mile from the aerodrome, so he flew down my road over our house. I would definitely do it again.

I have been in a hot air balloon

Smaller than you’d think tbh

I’d definitely feel less scared with a couple of ciders in me!


My fear is a balloon going up and a guy rope wraps round my ankle, pulls me up and I am dangling upside down.

Oh yeah Where’s the toilet?


Wouldn’t be scared but strikes me as something that would be very boring after a couple of minutes, like the London eye

It is slightly daunting, but you’re in professional hands, it’s not as if you hire one like a barge or something and you have to fly it yourself. The people that do it for a job are incredibly safety conscious and thorough.

after we’re free from the loony EU bureaucrats we’ll finally be able to just buy a basket and a balloon and call it a business


I’d call it ‘Up, Up and Wahey’ and it would be for nudists/sex enthusiasts.