Hot Chip 2019 and later

^ this. I totally understand why they’ve done it as a one off, not to be made available again thing, but it’s the kind of thing I’d love to stream while working.

I live in Kent and I would’ve loved to have gone but every time I went on the ticketing website, it either said that only pods of four were available or that it was sold out. Plus I would’ve been going on my own so I’m not sure if I would’ve wanted to pay for a pod for two people or take that option away from another couple. Not the band’s fault at all for the latter of course.

Yeah, definitely wasn’t the clearest ticket website. I’d have happily gone too but when I looked it was only pods of 4 (there were two of us) and whilst I may have just about stretched to £65 each for two of us given it was an ‘event’ no way was I paying £130 each.

Someone just text into 6music to mention they were dancing next to Christine, was it you?!

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Might have been…

Some nice stuff on Late Night Tales, liking the Hot Chip stuff, forget the name but the Goddard-led track is a cracker

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New song with Jarvis!


This needs more Jarvis.

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but really everything needs more Jarvis.

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Its a fun bop! Apparently written ‘with Dua Lipa in mind’… whatever that means? Could imagine it existing on Future Nostalgia though tbf

I really love this new song. I’ve listened to over 10 times. But one thing that bothers me is that it’s not long enough. I wish it was stretched out by another 3 mins. Hope they bring out an extended mix.

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New Joe Goddard side project sounding good.

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This is wicked. Getting some big ‘Hercules & the love affair “Blind”’ vibes from it.