Hot Chip

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Song might be decent but the video with the characters talking all over it really put me off



The video is interesting

it’s like a condensed Black Mirror episode


One for the worst album artwork 2k19 there.


Artwork shite. Font shite…Choon though!

Hot Chip and Squirrel Girl. What’s not to love?

Album track list…

that press/promo image is a meme waiting to happen

Good to hear they’ve gone full Goddard.

Haven’t watched the video - assume it’s basically a homage to this…

New song is really great, had it on repeat most of the evening.

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Love the song, love the music video, …quite like the Jeremy Deller artwork

Really like the new single - Hot Chip doing what they do best.


Do Hot Chip have the biggest Great Music : Terrible Artwork ratio?

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There’s a strong argument here.

Animal Collective

Not sure if trolling…

nope, is any of that good?