Hot Cross Buns/General Easter Thread 🐇



You into HOT X BUN season yet?

I’ve just had a delightful bramley apple one from M&S (@rich-t to pass on the message please) and I have bought some mini hot cross bun breakfast loaves from there also. They’re nice.

You getting an egg?

Who’s eating mini eggs already?

I know we’re all into creme eggs (pronounced like hem)



There are some in the office kitchen now. Haven’t had any because hot cross buns are shit.


The salted caramel and chocolate ones are amazing.

Been eating HxB since maybe mid January


Bit one a penny two a penny if you ask me


I googled “General Easter” hoping to find some sort of military entity, but instead I found this



Yeah those apple ones from Spenos are the best. Also good are the salted caza and chocolate. Not so good are the blueberry ones.

Fuck buying HCB from anywhere other than the Spen.


You’re shit.


I don’t see how that’s relevant.


Waitrose apple ones are deece


I was partial to those in the past but alas not vegan.
Putting them in the toaster to make the chocolate all melty :drooling_face:


The Waitrose luxury ones aren’t


Will quite often eat a pack of 4. There might be a reason I’m overweight


They do a hot cross bun LOAF.


I just had 2. Toasted with avocado oil spread (which is also M&S and a revelation!)


Anyone gonna be a right tosser and make their own? @1000YearBanFFS ??


Sounds like a decent snack tbf.


Oooh not seen that. Will have to wait though as we have 8 HCB in house and a load of scones and shit from an afternoon tea we went to on Sunday. Aaarrfggghhhh.


I could 100% have 2 more. I live for them.


Can never be bothered to toast them so just eat them like I would do an apple. Nude.


i dont usually like to eat hot cross buns until like lent or whatever, but this year i thought fuck it, theyre in the shops and im well into them so i just started buying them when i started seeing them. one less thing to worry about isnt it. so yeah mate im well into my hot x buns season