Hot cross buns

Just the best aren’t they??

Big fan of the original and the new flavours on the block.

Salted caramel and chocolate best of course. Like pudding for breakfast.

Saw lemon and white chocolate in 'trose the other day. Not so sure of that combo.

What do you like??


Never had one on account of them having sultanas in but they smell so good.

Is there a none dried fruit version?

Not really into the idea of a chocolate type one either, just plain without fruit.

I like the apple and cinnamon ones from waitrose.

The mulled wine of the food world. Not for me.

Whilst they are great, i think i prefer toasted teacakes.


Still mourning the loss of the chilli and cheese ones that M&S sold over the past few years.

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Teacakes are flatter/slightly less doughy and arent glazed.


I dislike them and by extension a lot of youse are getting reassessed on my spreadsheet

100% agree with this. Also suitable for vegans which a lot of the other supermarket ones aren’t!

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Those M&S chilli and cheese ones are nice. Salted caramel can get in the bin on principle, never tried the apple ones but Mrs F likes the blueberry ones they did. Teacakes are definitely better though.

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That nursery rhyme is a great bit of marketing for something that isn’t as nice as a toasted teacake.

Which is it though, one a penny or two a penny, sort out your messaging

The chocolate ones are dried fruit free!

Lot of wrong opinions in here. Disappointing.


When i think of them i think of that nursery rhyme that goes “hot cross buns, hot cross buns, see how they run, see how they run” but now I properly thought of it, its the one for the blind mice oops

They are never my #1 choice but toasted with butter they’re quite nice


The apple ones from Marks’s are my current favourite.

The cheese and chilli ones they did were good as a savoury twist but they aren’t doing them this year.

Salted caramel doesn’t sound right. Chocolate, etc can get in the bin too. It must be fruit.

I embrace all hot cross buns, great and small, large and mini. Except the marmite ones m&s have decided to release.

Despite all the choice atm, do seem to keep coming back to the regular fruity ones.

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Sad to have missed out on these chilli cheese bois

Now I’ve gone salted caramel and choc chip, I don’t think I can go back to fruit!

Always toasted for me. Although the salted carmel becomes molten lava!!

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Baker’s Delight, the Aussie Percy Ingle, does fruit free ones but they’re actually a bit bland TBH

Will just accept liking the smell and never eating one then.

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