Hot cross buns

I don’t like sultanas at all particularly in things but I do like a HCB so there you go.

Evil foodstuff go away

:kissing_heart::kissing_heart: always right meow x

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Got the Aldi catalogue thing yesterday and they had about 10 different types. Cheese and onion!
I’m a purist. Just a normal one, toasted with butter. Why piss about with perfection?!

Somebody crown Funky the leader of the boards because he’s never wrong.

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Well wrong.

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The Plant Kitchen veegz ones are very deece.

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Honestly hate this time of year working for a food retailer mentioned very regularly in this thread. Dangerous game. Will very often buy some HxB to take home and end up eating the whole pack. Pouring one out for the ATD chilli and cheese lads. RIP

This year’s ratings…

Salted caramel and blonde chocolate
Cheese and cheese (wtf!)
Cheese and marmite

Like them toasted with butter, untoasted with butter, or even untoasted without butter. Not picky really.



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I’m gonna have to go to M&S at lunch

“Delicately spiced with golden blond and milk chocolate, salted caramel fudge and toffee pieces”

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Like them, like them a lot.

Like the other flavours, but don’t think they count as hot cross buns. They should be called something else.

cold cross buns?


Never had one

Traditional hot cross buns I can take or leave, however, any of the chocolate/caramel etc etc ones you can get (Aldi normally have a good selection) i’m very much into.

Have to be toasted, still with a generous slathering of butter. Delightful.

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These are really good