🌭 Hot dogs 🌭

Really nice imo. As with burgers, no need to be desperate for social media likes and load it up with pulled pork or chilli or whatever, just need a fakey cheese slice, mustard and ketchup in squiggly lines and some onions. Another instance too where brioche can go to hell, needs to be a cheap white roll with too much flour on top. Those M&S etc ‘posh dogs’ are nice enough, but the ones that come in a packet or a jar are also fine. Are there any good non-meat ones out there? Hopefully someone can tell us!


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And yes, there is that song about hot dogs and jumping frogs, no need to mention it again.


I’ll never stop.

Fried onions are an absolute necessity


the thing is with hot dogs, they’re amazing. top drawer. but

  1. one as a meal is not enough. hence why i never order them. you need >2 for it to match a burger for filling-adequacy.
  2. veggie dogs are not as successful as veggie burgers
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I’ve said this before, but hot dogs are the best surprise meal. Once or twice a year I remember they exist and it’s sensational.

One of those foods that silly people are snobby about, though, eh. Yes, I know it’s processed meat, cheers, who cares?

Sometimes if I’m really hungover I just drain the brine and pour hot water directly into the tin. Great stuff.


Best fast food chain in the land imo


Someone’s not had taifun tofu dogs.


Ketchup and mustard only pls

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right is there somewhere local that’ll do them? if i can find a good hot dog i won’t have to worry about letting the kids eat them in the house :smiley:

Taifun tofu dogs.

Fry’s frozen ones.


Only get one on it’s own as a snack and if they’re on a menu then you’re gonna need to order a lot of sides, but that’s fun sometimes.

I think Waitrose sometimes do them, and locavore.

Theyre about £4 for 4 though (although are quite big), so probably wouldnt be eating them if i had kids.

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The pinnacle of human culinary achievement


the kids’ll eat the aldi meat frankfurters at 10 for £1.65 and be happy with it, the ungrateful swines (i love my kids)


On a boozy weekend in Bath about 10 years ago and had a fucking amazing hot dog from a stall when I was nicely pissed up. Perfect sausage, English mustard everywhere, onions, fuck it was so good.

Sometimes get close to that Holy Grail but never quite found it again.

Feel a bit sad thinking it about it now. Thanks Funky.

Herta chicken Frankfurters, cheapest hot dog rolls you can find, ketchup, mustard.

All you need


Never had you down as a cross-condiment man Tone.

I’m a happy-condiment man