Hot drink schedule

0730 pot of coffee
0930 cappuccino
1030 coffee
1330 coffee
1500 coffee
1700 earl grey
2030 green tea

standard weekday obv, weekends all bets are off

0920 - Cup of coffee
1600 - Cup of tea

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0630 coffee
0915 tea
mix of proper tea and Twinnings bullshit until 16.45; frequency entirely dependent on how bored I am
2130 buttermint tea (it’s peppermint with vanilla I think)

Sometimes I have a second cup of coffee if I’m anticipating being out late (eg after 2200hrs)

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0830: Turmeric tea (tea with a teaspoon of turmeric in, not one of those herbal things)
0845: Yorkshire tea
1100: Pot of coffee

0700 Cup of tea
0745 coffee
0845 coffee
1000 coffee
1130 coffee
1500 coffee

^pretty much this

2 coffees in the morn, 1 in the afternoon

Standard weekday

1000ish - Flat White if I’m feeling spendy or a cuppa if I’m not
1630ish - cuppa


3-4 cups of tea before 11

07:30 tea
09:20 tea
11:00 tea
14:00 tea
15:00 tea
16:00 tea
18:00 tea
20:00 tea




I only drink cold drinks

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0715: coffee
0900: coffee
1030: tea
1300: tea
1500: tea
1900: tea
2100: tea
2230: tea

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There is no set schedule

The day often starts with a mug of assam. There may be a cappuccino or flat white later in the morning (before 11 AM obviously). Unlikely to have a hot drink in the afternoon. Espresso immediately after a big dinner. Possibly chai in the evening.

sometimes i will swap out the 1300 or 1500 tea for coffee.

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I might start saying I’m having a “hot drink” any time I have something that hasn’t been chilled or refrigerated.

Room temperature glass of water? A “hot drink”

Carton of Ribena that has been stored in a cupboard? A “hot drink”



9:00, 14:00 coffee
whenever am bored at work until about 5:30 - Yorkshire tea
at home, every 45 minutes or so til bed - Yorkshire tea, occasionally a chamomile as the final one to mix things up

Coffee in the morning, either at home or first thing when I get into the office depending on when I arrive. Then pretty much chain-drinking tea for the rest of the day – 75% because I like the taste and 25% to waste as much time at work as possible.



You’ve gone mad.