Hot Drink - Youth Edition

It’s this kind of variation that disproves the Brexit naysayers.

Had some coffee from the swimming pool vending machine with my dad. He only drank it black and it burnt my mouth and was horrible. 7?

Tea. Some from my mum probs about the same age.

I’ve never made coffee. Have made tea for other people.

Tea and coffee are obsolete drinks. I give them 30 years until they’re gone forever.

i got fully addicted to coffee when i was about 16 after a holiday wth a free bar where i drank baileys coffees all week, not sure why


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can’t remember any of these things as my life is too full of adventure


How old were you when you first had a cup of coffee? - N/A
How old were you when you first had a cup of tea? - Six years old.
How old were you when you first ate some of your own faeces? - N/A
How old were you when you first made a cup of coffee? - Fifteen years old.
How old were you when you first made a cup of tea? - Nine years old.


I believe my refusal to drink coffee has been addressed a number of times on this website. Seán even had a feature article about it on the main site.

coffee drinking: 30 - an espresso in a restaurant on loch voil after my 30th birthday meal, then only a couple of others until 37 - a frappe from a starbucks on the M6, and now I’m addicted.

tea drinking (mint): ~32 - in morocco. was ok in the circumstances. none since.

tea drinking (builders): n/a.

eating faeces: would’ve thought drinking piss would be a more fruitful line of enquiry. it’s not my bag, but I used to live with an odd lass who worked in a crystal shop who was into it for a bit.

making tea/coffee: never for myself at home. the same is true for chips, by the way. went through a phase of making tea or coffee as a treat for my folks on a sunday morning with my sister when we were primary age. only very recently found out how bad it tended to be. not really a surprise, though - work colleagues have soon stopped accepting my offers when they find out how bad I’ve been at making it.


never drank any hot drinks growing up so you’d think i would remember my first cup of coffee

but i don’t

I have drunk a glass of my own slash, maybe the second time I got drunk at about 13. I just remember it being warm. Then yakking it all up an hour later. I think I threw an egg at the kitchen ceiling as well.

Halcyon days.

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Never drank tea or coffee; can’t be arsed with having to cook a drink if I’m thirsty

I have the odd hot chocolate though bc I’m basically a child


I think you can. Try.

fancy picking that as ffs-worthy when

is right there

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I started drinking coffee when I was about ten after pestering my parents into buying me some Nescafe cappucino sachets. Think I also wrote to Nescafe for some reason and they sent me a ladybird book about coffee. So basically I was brainwashed into drinking coffee by an evil corporation.

Didn’t start drinking tea until I was at university. Had run out of coffee and found (stole) some tea bags that were in the kitchen.

which is more irksome

  • saying ‘cook a drink’
  • never having tried tea or coffee

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I’m making a list of everybody who claims they didn’t have a cup of tea until they were in their twenties. These people are getting life bans and then thrown into the sea. Bad, bad fibbers.

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I’m not a fan of large amounts of warm liquid in ma belly, so that’s one angle. But it’s the fetishization of the making of tea/coffee that is another big off-putting thing.

By this logic, I’m more likely to drink piss than make my own tea or coffee. Seems about right.