Hot drinks receptacles

What are you drinking your hot drinks out of?

We’ve got mugs for the shit free coffee machine near our desks, and used to have cardboard Costa-style cups for the paid for half-decent coffee downstairs. They recently outlawed the cardboard cups (probably rightly so), and gave us all a shit plastic reusable cup. Coffee tastes horrible out of them, but the portions from that machine are too big for a mug. Do I buy my own, decent, reusable coffee cup? What materials are best? Do they all make your coffee taste slightly different? Help a brother out.

(The paid for coffee is only £1 and tastes infinitely better than the shit out of the free machine, which most closely resembles bad gravy)

  • I drink hot drinks from a mug
  • I drink hot drinks from takeaway cardboard cups
  • I drink hot drinks from a reusable cup (tell me more)
  • I use some sort of fucking thermos
  • Not on hot drinks book m8

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My reusable hot drinks receptacle is made of

  • Plastic
  • Some sort of metal
  • …glass?
  • Ideas
  • Something else

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Got one plastic keepcup, and one metal thermos thing. I keep the former in my rucksack and use the latter for making hot drinks at home and drinking them while travelling or out and about. Thanks

Your keepcups are the Ferraris of the reusable hot drinks receptacle game I believe.

I drink from a ceramic mug, which is reusable.


Mugs at work.

Reusable cup when our and about; one of these:

Pretty inexcusable to be using disposable cups these days I think.


got a keepcup thats made of bamboo with a rubbery lid thing, coffee tastes fine from it. also got a thermos mug thats metal with a plastic body, importantly the lid is metal coz ive tried thermos mugs with plastic lids and they make tea taste weird and shit. metal doesnt

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Home mug (enamal, Ted Baker, xmas present a few years ago):


Travel mug (metal, Nespresso, £15 I think?) - has a lid somewhere in the cupboard:

My girlfriend has both a glass (impractical) and plastic (just a bit gross?) KeepCup. Don’t understand why people don’t just all get metal thermos cups.

reckon i have a hot drink when out and about twice a year so no need for a keepcup
will update you all if this changes


i use an rcup (the one pniks linked to)

it’s cool. it’s made from recycled coffee cups.

You’re a monster

not sure i fully understand why everyone suddenly wants to drink hot drinks on the hoof the whole time


get a takeaway cardboard cup once a week thanks to O2 Priority but feel a little bit iffy about using disposable stuff these days (but still do it a bit)

otherwise just make my own in a mug

This one at work

Various other mugs at home.

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bought two or three different keepcups but never use em, have pretty much fucked off takeaway coffees and just use a cafetiere at work now so i’m back to being a mug

Yep, agreed. Although this is partly because I’m quite clumsy and on the rare occasions I buy a takeaway coffee, I usually end up spilling it on myself. Rather just go to a cafe if I’m not at home or in work tbh.

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Aren’t we all :tired_face:


enjoying the little tea dribble at the top

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+1 for rubbery bamboo cup club.


Think my re-usable cup is made from bamboo. Remember them telling me to not put in the dishwasher for that reason AFTER I had paid.