Hot drinks receptacles

I have one keep cup from Paul’s which is quite nice, and got given a free one from work. In the office I use the plain mugs in the cupboard.

My work mug is very on brand

Been asked a few times if it’s from the TV show. fml


Two of these at home, for getting a coffee on the go without having to have a big cup taking up space:

One of these at work


One of these, rice husk

My bamboo one has been round the dishwasher a few times. It’s still fine. GBORBC

Ah, really wanted one of these

my hand is not that huge, but it is quite a small mug all the same…

Mug for work, plastic one that I got from a local deli for elsewhere. Want to get a different one as this one smells like actual death if you don’t wash it out the second you finish your drink. I have one of those Contigo things I was given as a conference freebie so might start using that.


Poor Balonz has been graffitied on

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Ceramic certainly seems the way forward.

Can I stick it in a dishwasher?

For coffee

And for tea


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I go for the red Collins (dictionary people?) one at work and were not allowed mugs for obvious safety reasons in the classroom so we’ve got these crap metal and rubber (?) keepcup things. I hate them and stuff tastes weird out of them, people don’t wash them up properly and I don’t want milk all over my drink so I gulp down ridiculously hot drinks out my mug in the staffroom and risk burning my throat every day.