Hot food or Cold food

You’re only allowed to eat one for the rest of your life what you picking?

If you pick hot food your giving up crisps, chocolate, sweets, cereal, most convenience foods, hummus, guacamole, if you go to greggs and they say ‘its cold, is that alright?’ You have to say no, and you can never grab a quick snack from the fridge ever again.

But If you pick cold food, your giving up curries, soups, ramen, chips, chow mein, in a restaurant you’d have to ask ‘have you got any cold dishes?’

Id would pick

  • Hot food
  • Cold food

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Please discuss your reasoning

I’d miss hot food more if it was gone. Sure it means less convenience but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

I would warm up my crisps, sweeties etc


Can I have conventionally hot foods cold or conventionally cold foods hot?

It would be an absurd situation to find yourself in, I’ll say that much


I think so…what we talking?

Yeah, I’ll second that actually


Like Tone said, hot crisps, sweeties etc or just having chips and dinners and that but they’ve cooled down.

Local Indian is mostly hot
Man can’t live on poppadoms alone

Well i dont think ‘Do you like it to eat hot and cold food?’ would be a very good thread.

Bang your haribo starmix under the grill for two minutes. Lovely stuff


Gfs mum is a habit of cooking mini scotch eggs in the oven and serving them hot

I can’t get on board with this

Pop a kit kat in the toaster

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Yeah you can do that.

@The_Respected_User how would you heat up your sweeties? Say a riesen chocolate chew?

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I’d sit on it and fart :wink:


I’ll sit on you and fart in a minute.

I dont know that would get it up to the requisite temperature to be classed as hot plus it would smell.

Hot food is better but living without cold food would be much more of an inconvenience. I’ll stick with cold

are we allowed to buy hot food and wait for it to cool?

Yeah i think so