🔥 Hot Freaks: the Guided By Voices Listening Club ( 💥 Do the Collapse 💥 - post 747)

yeah it’s happening, we’re going all the way in

38 studio albums, 2 of the longer EPs (just because), potentially running all the way to July 2024. Fuck me

there’ll be about 5 people who post in this but I don’t care. It’ll be my own personal listening club at the very least and I hope a few of you come along for the ride!

links to the albums and chats:


i really like the one-album-a-week format, but we’re dealing with a seriously large amount of music here

  • stick to one album a week to give them their due
  • do two album per week, to avoid this lasting for a million years
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the full list hidden below


I have only really listened to Alien Lanes and Bee Thousand much. I am in!

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Not doing the suitcases? I declare this project a farce.


add all the pollard solo and sides projects too, in my opinion


Can maybe throw in some of the shorter EPs as bonus listens on appropriate weeks?

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Nice one @JaguarPirate !

Good idea adding Forever Since Breakfast and Sunfish. Both essential imo! We’ll need to add the forthcoming Nowhere To Go But Up which is meant to be dropping in November too!

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Was definitely thinking this too

Maybe throw a Suitcase listen in over the Xmas break for the hardcore (@Steved)

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Yeah, maybe around the weekly main releases we can just be like ‘Also, in the Pollardverse, this came out, and this, and this…’ and discuss 'em if we want to.

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So none of us listen to another artist ever again

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I ain’t listening to all that. I’m happy for u tho
Or sorry that happened


how about listening to … some of it

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Yeah i like 'em and would be good to explore beyond the safe zone. Just need to try and listen at the same time rather than follow retrospectively this time :smiley:

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Listened to everything up until Isolation Drills in a week during the first lockdown we had so the pace here is a little slow for me.

Fucking Hell though, looking at that list I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a full reunion album and there’s TWENTY-TWO of them? That’s a lot of crap to sift through.

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yeah i’ll flag which album is where in the thread, so hopefully people can just drop in for favs (cough UTBUTS cough) if not doing the whole thing

Oh man, GBV are like my white whale. The most ‘me’ band that I’ve never fully got into. I’ll try my best to get stuck in here. Having a baby in the middle may not help things (although getting them into Pollard early could be great)…


My Son Cool and Your Name is Wild are tracks he wrote for each of his kids so, could just nab one for your own parental anthem

and I think Learning to Hunt was written about being a parent generally

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My Kind of Soldier is about having kids too iirc.


Regularly sing this to my daughter.

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