Hot Sauce Audit

What have you got and how are you using it?

Excuse the mess

Sriracha: that’s going on eggs, maybe a bit of fried fish, might dip some dumplings in it

Tabasco: splash a bit of that in the baked beans, might occasionally have a Bloody Mary

Habanero: brought that back from Mexico, amazing with eggs and tacos, obviously

Linghams: not really a hot sauce, more a much much better sweet chilli sauce. You want a bit of prawn toast with that, or it’s good with fishcakes too

Last one: that’s a chipotle ketchup, very good all rounder

I make my own, it is very delicious. Green chilies, tomatoes and coriander and white vinegar in a blender (other hot sauce is too hot for me, this one allows for a mild but warm heat)


This is really good, haven’t had it in ages though


Sriracha for Asian cooking
Green Tabasco for flavour
Cholula for everything else

3 Likes’s-Black-Cherry-Vanilla-Bourbon-Infused-BBQ-Sauce?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsfSNk-7d6QIVRrTVCh1UkgB8EAQYASABEgLvjPD_BwE

Got this for a birthday present but not used it yet.

Got Golden Bonnet, Sriracha and a Jamaican Tabasco-esque sauce at home.

Need to get some Linghams

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Got some sriracha mayo which usually goes in lunch wraps.

Mango chilli sauce for dipping and sometimes eggs.

Really miss @colossalhorse’s plum Colossal Sauce, that was the ultimate for eggs and also cheese on toast, and various asian-ish dishes.

Not the greatest with proper hot sauces as they mess with my stomach :frowning:

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So got

@colossalhorse Gochujang sauce, good for stir frys, bao, any noodle dish basically, oh and on cabbage
@colossalhorse Pathia ketchup like it with a fake meat burger and on chips.
Trodden Black Kiwi & jalapeño chili jam - only had with cashews cheese, similar to a spicy mango chutney really.
Chipotle tabsasco - put it in stews and beans and on tacos
Franks red hot - for general hot saucery

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Hot Saucit

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Yer standard Encona
Some people say it’s too hot. NOT I. Big fan of sriracha but it’s mostly garlic innit, get it far less.


These are good

Boca Grande and Nagatropolis are my faves.

Love this stuff too:

Bought a load of habanero sauces back from Mexico a few years back that was really good, but long since run out sadly.

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The buffalo sauce is used for buffalo cauliflower. The Scotch bonnet came from a company in Paisley and is usually used to liven up shop-bought sandwiches. The tabasco is usually Bloody Marys. The sirracha is for noodles and bahn mi. The Encona is my standard hot sauce and seems most useful around bacon sandwiches and beans on toast at the moment. The other Frank’s is for fried chicken. The sweet chilli is nothing to do with me.

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Really want to try making my own actually, but wouldn’t really know where to start.


the three amigos.


I just bought a second fridge to house all my sauces in. I need to have an audit then as I have dozens of unlabelled bottles in the main fridge. Mostly using a porter BBQ sauce, a spicy garlic monster in pasta sauces, chamoy as a salad dressing, a mango one with chicken and pathia ketchup on everything.

My mate bought me a massive hot sauces of the world collection box thing I’ve been meaning to start trying as well. Too much sauce.


Zero. No. At all. Hmmm.

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Encona, Sriracha, Tabasco and Franks are generally always in the cupboard. Can’t be doing with nonsense macho novelty sauces with names like ARSE DESTROYER and skull and crossbones all over them, but can’t go wrong with the classics. Different sauces for different… needs.

Cholula is the big daddy for me,on Mexican obvs but also with eggs and whatever too. Feel bad for anyone who doesn’t have it in their life frankly. I mainly use the original flavour but also use the chipotle variety sometimes.

Sriracha for Asian stuff, not really a fan of using it for non Asian food. Got some frank’s I plan to use to buffalo things in the future but not really got to that yet

Sainos used to do an amazing green chilli sauce but it’s gone. RIP

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Franks for wings.

talk to me about hot sauce for eggs. are you just scrambling and adding it in?

I like hot sauce and I like eggs but combining them seems weird to me, though willing to try it

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Anyway, only Sriracha and Tabasco at the moment. Although I’m getting so many kebabs delivered at the moment I’m claiming kebab shop chilli sauce too

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