Hot Sauce thread

A new restaurant has opened in our town, which is basically trying to be Bodeans (AWESOME).

On each table is an amazing selection of hot sauces. I am was so blown away (as in CRYING with nose streaming for a full minute) when I tried the green version of the sauce, that I took down the details and tracked it down. I ended up ordering this 5-piece set, which came just in time for BBQ season.

I can confirm that you do not want to touch the black sauce and then your face/ bits.

Talk to me about your hot sauce discoveries. #spicewarriors #goHOTorgohome

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Cholula is my number 1

The green one is my current fave - but I can only seem to get it from a fancy shop for £5 a bottle


Lupe pintos has a fuckkng great selection of hot sauces!


Cholula will always be special to me, but I think I’m graduating onto more heat/ less vinegary sauces now.

I need to visit!

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I could spend a fortune in that shop.


Franks Extra Hot.

Still haven’t found anything I can’t put it on.


I can’t believe the Heinz Spicy Jalapeno number isn’t about any more. Such an incredible sauce.

can’t really eat hot sauce anymore, makes me fart too much

I love it, but I now associate Franks with dominos (because I always get suckered into buying a mega pot with the pizza ‘to save us using up the bottle’.)

Just had to google this- how the hell did I, condiment queen, miss this one???

According to the Heinz website you can buy it in asda!!

(I am indeed a bot sponsored by Heinz. One thread a week, always about a Heinz product or with an opportunity to reference a Heinz product).

It’s not that one! It’s this one (sorry it’s ‘Tangy’ jalapeno)


Cannot find it ANYwhere anymore : (

Just the classics, Tabasco and Sriracha, for me at the minute.


wow, that looks ace.
It also sounds like one of the sauces that came in my pack-

As I’m currently at work, may as well post a pic of my corner of the first floor kitchen cupboard…

Different sauces for different…needs?


Big Jules carries a small bottle of Tabasco around in her bag with her so she can season her own food when out without offending chefs/annoying waiting staff.

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I think I might be over hot sauce?

Don’t have any in. Don’t really think I need any in the house.

I only need nandos garlic tbh

Golden Bonnet by Wiltshire Chilli Farm <3

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Nando’s garlic is definitely one of the core staples. It’s my go-to for dipping halloumi into.

These new ones are v much on the tabasco end of the sauce scale. V runny and v hot.