Hot Sauce thread




I like these and I’m a wee bit upset that I’m almost out of the top one (although I think they sell it in Lupe’s)


What I can’t find and I’ve run out of is Peri Peri chip salt! I may have to do an online shop just to get some cause I can’t find any in any supermarket.


wholegrain mustard with chili is delish


Not tried these.

< adds to list >


That’s got my mouth watering :yum:

(link no worky)


It was. It really, really was.


Quite like making my own hot sauces. Got plans for a spicy Korean style BBQ sauce. Haven’t decided what peppers to go for yet though.

I made some papaya based sauce with carolina reapers recently. I dubbed it Papaya Shango. Feisty.


Would say they’re not the blow your head off type, which is probably why I like them.


I think there’s a place for a mild-ish ‘sauce with a bit of kick’ and also the ‘WTF did you put that in your mouth you stupid fucking bitch’ option.


Haha, aye totally! I actually like the pure nose streaming, tears in the eyes stuff, it’s a buzz… but then my stomach doesn’t thank me for it. #lightweight


Always got some Dunn’s River on my desk at work. standards in the pantry include the red Sriracha and Franks Extra Hot and whatever stuff is on offer in the super market.

less standard ones I’ve currently got:

The green one of these, which is really nice:
and Dexter Holland’s…


Got a bottle of this from a chilli shop in Leeds. It has Habaneros and cactus in it


Oh was down in London recently and went to raw duck and we picked up their own habanero hot sauce, fucking dynamite.
Will post an image when I get home.


Didn’t realise it was pineapple but yeah, it’s got that perfect subtle sweetness behind the heat of it. Poured it over a pork salad and it was gorgeous


This was great but I just finished my bottle of it.


Used to love Glasgow megadeth but I’ve not had it in ages.


Halfway through the hottest bottle I’ve ever got. Think it’s about £10 in Harvey nics



that has some heat


I’ve got a bottle of that - have to be so careful adding it to sauces as just a smidge too much and the food becomes virtually inedible :astonished: