Hot Sauce thread


This is edging towards chutney territory but is damn fine.


Nando’s medium


Currently sriracha (get through a bottle about every 2 weeks) and the Encona Carolina Reaper sauce. Has all these warning signs on the bottle but it’s not that bad, actually nicer than standard encona for flavour (very tomato-ey).

Some of these posted in the thread look/sound great


The Cholula chipotle one on scrambled eggs is an excellent combo.

On some nice toasted tory bread with black coffee is pretty much the perfect breakfast for me.


they sell it in the big sainsbo’s near me, think it’s with all the spices rather than with all the sauces though which threw me for a bit.


Yeah that’s good eating


that frank’s redhot sauce looks well pissed off.


last time I had green spicy sauce, I nearly had to go to the hospital my stomach was so bad (scoffed a round of ultra hot tacos right after a night on strong lager)


I currently have 4 kinds of hot sauce in my house (gochujang, Sriracha mayonaise, regular Sriracha and one I’ve forgotten the name of but is really spicy).

Only God can judge me.


I have 2 chololuas red and brown
2 sriacha x hot and ginger.

Could do with a thicker spicy tomato one I think.

Might head to lupe pintos next payday.


Sriracha is the all rounder

The ‘Meat Lust’ ghost chilli one is good with tempeh / seitan - despite the unappealing name it’s a pretty decent red pepper sauce with a kick.

Cholula and the M&S chipotle ones are decent with tacos / burritos - pretty generic, vinegary with a kick.

The Chef Bernie ones are made by a guy local to Southampton, the Very Hot Sauce is pretty much a scotch bonnet purée - good fruity chilli flavour with a big kick. Normally have it in stews or coconut curries, gives me hiccups on its own. The jerk sauce is like a super spicy ketchup. Another all rounder.


Great work hank. Lots of good stuff in there. :beers:


My brother sometimes buys me novelty hot sauces for birthdays or Christmas. These are in my cupboard atm
There’s a theme


Love a good hot sauce. Reckon there’s easily 10 in our fridge at the moment.

Fruity ones, extra hot ones, Mexican ones, African ones, Asian ones. Give me spice or give me death.


Another vote for Davidoff Encona (is it called Hot Pepper?)

We’ve normally got a Frank’s and a Siracha on the go.



hot sauce and bums just makes me think of


BTW - the Sainsburys own brand Chipotle is decent and only costs a pound a bottle


Oh yeah, I’ve got that Meat Lust one. Took me a while to get into the flavour, but I’m enjoying it a bit more now.


The second bottle looks weirdly like Matey bubble bath

That could like to an unfortunate bathroom mishap