Hot Sauce thread


just eating some of these sauces in the usual manner can lead to unfortunate bathrooms mishaps


Inspired by this thread we had a hot sauce-fest last night (chicken thighs, halloumi and sweetcorn for dinner with ALL OF THE HOTSAUCES).

I’ll put it this way- you wouldn’t want to have been the one cleaning out my cage this morning.


I really like the chimichurri one too.


flatmates got this the other day for a bbq. It’s…odd. I’ve tried to use is as a salad dressing for some chickpeas n stuff for lunch today so see how that goes.


I went through a Dave’s Insanity Sauce phase a few years back and would always add it to chillis and curries. I’d then always be regretting it the next day but never learned my lesson.


I’m a big fan of said shop


It’s great isn’t it! Like the try before you buy with the crackers


Yeah I always go in and buy a bottle just so i can try lots of sauces.

The crushed garlic and chilli oil they have there is amazing.


How was this? I need to start taking some super probiotics very soon and kimchi is on the list. Has to be properly fermented though. The idea of fermented kimchi hot ketchup is definitely one that I coud get behind.


It was quite watery so I ended up using it more in dressings. Pretty good though. I’m not very familiar with kimchi so couldn’t say how fermented it was.


Cool, I will look into it. Might start a kimchi thread tomorrow actually as I know nothing < does Manuel hands> :beers:


Had a mega-crop of chillis this year and have been casting round for stuff to do with them. Made this lot into a passable imitation of Cholula:

Roasted chillis under the grill until the skin went black; stick in a plastic bag to steam and left til cool enough to handle. Peel and de-seed, stuck in a blender with a load of garlic, vinegar and salt. Blitzed until smooth, then sieved into a saucepan, brung to boil and simmer for ~10 minutes. Magic.


until recently we had a hot sauce sachet stuck to our kitchen wall

not sure who left it there or why but great banter


this is the best but have only been able to find it in random corner shops out of date (still fine obvs)


Can anyone identify a sauce they sometimes have at work, slightly spicy, similar colour to burger sauce maybe a touch more orange, they had it once with a harissa chicken couscous number, and once with a southern fried chicken thing where it was described as chilli tomato. I’ve looked in big Tesco for something that fits the bit but to no avail


what kind of bottle? squeezy/glass? what kind of consistency? burger-saucy?


It is the work canteen so they had it in generic squeezy bottles, guess it could be something they make themselves. Slightly thinner consistency than burger sauce but not too far off


Ask the staff what it is?


They said tomato and chilli


Flirt with one of them and see if they’ll slip you a bottle