Hot sauces

I’ve done extremely surface/probably false even research btw and Cholula is the market leader in terms of sales, yet is only just drawing top right now…

this ongoing sriracha shortage is killing me ngl. no i won’t switch brands, give me flying goose or give me death

Haven’t seen it in years but this one!

have you considered turnip goose>

Fun fact Tabasco refers to a pepper grown in a place of the same name in Mexico, that a man from Louisiana trademarked in 1905, so sauces from that region to this day cannot call themselves Tabasco sauces.

I don’t know whereabouts you are, but Flying Goose sriracha (200ml bottle) is available from Asda around here; at least that’s what my Asda delivery app is telling me!

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I hate sriracha

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Worst one by far imo

The barbecue cholula is good

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A very good staple that’s for sure. Not my favourite, but better than the other similar ones I’ve tried.



Not a huge fan of plain Tabasco but this mofo changed my LIFE

Quite enjoy some of the fruity ones as well, have one in the fridge that’s jalapeno pineapple. Not really spicy enough though sadly


Any hot sauce that uses chillies that didn’t exist until 1994ish is bad for you and not worth fucking with. Up to you though, if you like 'em, go for it, but trust me, don’t.

Here we go!

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You’ve hooked me in and I’d like to know more please

Just realised the piece of knitting currently on my lap is with a yarn in a colour called «Tabasco» :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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i miss horse’s lychee one. delicious, despite its suspect appearance


Sriracha in packet ramen with Kim chi and spinach - flawless dinner in 3 minutes

Sriracha and soy as a dip for anything, but especially for gyoza or prawn toast

Frank’s on any standard frozen shite - chicken nugz etc

Choula smoked with pizza

Tabasco jalepeno is great on cheese on toast


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My dad sits on the settee in the living room with a little table in front of him with a monitor, laptop, keyboard and bottle of Tabasco on

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I’ve hunted down the chilli endorphins in the past and my belly has fought back. I can still handle anything upto Habanero/Scotch Bonnet strength, but the hybrid chillies people started chasing world records with after that have caused me to vomit blood after prolonged use.

My current selection of unopened sauces. I’m trying to not have too many open at one time, but there are so many reasons for so many sauces.