Hot snacks - hints, tips, dos, don'ts

Share your methods for the ideal snack: cheese on toast, poached/scrambled/fried/boiled eggs, beans on toast, Breville sarnies, fish fingers, whatever


Do two potato waffles in the toaster, fry an egg and sandwich it between the waffles, takes about 5 minutes. My staple lunch as a student.


All the main food groups (ish) covered

Grilled cheese:

That tip about putting mayo on the outside instead of butter is bollocks. Tastes f’ing rank. Stick with butter.


Hot Snacks?
Microwave Nik Naks


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use Cheddar AND Red Leicester on cheese on toast for an uprated stripy alternative.

Do we toast both sides of the bread before applying the cheese?

Is that a f*ckin haggis toastie? :heart_eyes:

Hot fish sandwich

Cut and butter a chunk of a baguette. Microwave a tin of mackerel/sardines for 1 minute. Eat fish in between slices of bread.

Prep time: 1m 30s

DON’T put your penis in a Pot Noodle in the absence of stirring utensils


A homemade haggis toastie at that :yum:

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Putting chili sauce on your cheese on toast :ok_hand:


I love a cheese toastie - but have already found it hard to get the cheese inside melted along with a nicely toasted outside (I don’t own a toastie machine and won’t be getting one)

This is my best technique

  • Grill On and toast one side of your bottom layer of toast till it looks perfect

  • turn the bread over, put your cheese on and get it under the grill till the cheese is all melted

  • 2nd (top) bit of bread on top of the sandwhich, get it toasted

Currently a big fan of frying mushrooms and maybe some red onion, then adding milk, Gruyere, mustard, parsley and pepper. Wait for it to turn into a gloopy cheese mess, then put it on some toast and bung it under the grill for a minute or 2. Great snack, about 7 mins total time


i dunno but my brother used to do that weird thing where you’d cut a whole out of a bit of bread and then fry the break and crack the egg in the middle of it

it was weird

Slice of bread, tomato purée, salt, pepper, oregano, whatever veg is to hand and a couple of slices of mozerisella / other vegan cheese. Chuck under the grill for five minutes and buddy, you’ve got yourself pizza toast.

Does this also work with non-vegan cheese?

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Top snack - I do this with sourdough/ ciabatta…

(but you’ve gotta pop the bread under the grill so it does one side, then take out, add toppings to the raw side then back under grill, otherwise you’ve got one side of raw bread surely?)

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Absolutely not.