Hot snacks - hints, tips, dos, don'ts

Yes! I missed that step. Also a bit of olive oil around the crust stops it from charring before the cheese melts.

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100% trying this.

Really want cheese on toast now


Had some for breakfast. It’s bloody great isn’t it?

That sounds amazing.

I’ll be trying this as well :+1:

Not really in the snack domain but recently I’ve found myself doing the the following or similar;

Oil from the sun-dried tomatoes jar + vinegar from the olive jar = awesome salad dressing

Is this weird? Or does everyone do this?

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Had huile de sundrieds on toast this weekend: :+1:

Mediterranean af and I will now live to be 120

It’s good innit? Never really put much effort into a salad before going vegan (unless it was a chicken Caesar salad or w/e), used to be just boring lettuce, cucumber & tomato as an afterthought. Now I’m chucking everything in there and it seemed mad to just throw the jar remnants away - flavoured oil & vinegar ftw

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It’s the veg equivalent of saving bones to make stock (maybe) - there’s flavour in the bits you’d throw away, use everything

My vegetarian tv’s top salad tip is to toast pumpkin seeds in a pan before chucking them in - it makes them extra delicious and they start to pop and sizzle like corn, great fun!

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I am a habitual roasted pine nut eater. Totally addicted, put them on everything. Just wish they were a bit cheaper.


Can remember going to a friends house when i was about 10 and their dad asking if i wanted pizza, he brought me melted cheese on toast with tomato sauce under the cheese.
Nearly chinned him, that is not pizza


Yeah sometimes what I do at the self checkoutAbandon Reply

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Post/avatar :+1:

I mean it’s nice but so not pizza

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Quite like the Spanish method of toasting a bit of nice bread then rubbing it with some garlic and then rubbing some tomatoes into it.



You’d hope so.

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Had to google “potato cake”. I’ve clearly not lived.

Glass of oj and a coffee and you’re set for the day. King of holiday brekkys.

If you try to do it yourself on a wet and grey Wednesday morning in northern England you end up in tears after smashing a plate against a wall and you don’t even know why

Got these rostis from ikea, I whack em in a pan, couple of minutes each sideösti-potato-fritters-frozen-gluten-free-art-60118921/

+Runny egg + chopped ham + chives

Takes less then 10 min and is AMAZING

Now this sounds good.

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