Hot Snakes All Purpose Thread



Love it, love it, love it!
Never change Hot Snakes!

Where is @Shucks ?

Anyone got any hot takes on Hot Snakes?

Loving the solo on this!

They’re probably the best punk band of all time?


Looks like there’ll be more new stuff soon…



Oh wow, this is really, really good!!

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This is better than most of the last album, imho.

New video for an old (??) song…

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No video showing here!

Yeah b-side to Checkmate. They had it up on sale for September’s Bandcamp Friday for 1 day only.

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Tried it in different browser and works now. Its a good song. I didn’t realise it was checkmate b side. Ive just dug out the 7inch I got from there last tour and yep its there on the b side

damn I hope they compile all of these at some point, because I don’t like missing out!

An “All Systems Go” for Hot Snakes would be good


Would love that. Still don’t think I’ve heard “D.N.R” by Hot Snakes (probably on YouTube though).

Rik’s other band, Obits, did a b-sides album few years ago:


I got the first Obits album which i enjoyed but ive not delved any further in. Wheres my next stop?

I’ve got the first two Obits albums but looking at wikipedia I see they did a third one, Beds & Bugs that I’ve never heard!

Also didn’t know they’d split up in 2015, finger on the pulse me! :grinning:

If I’m allowed an opinion (I probably shouldn’t be), the third obits album is the best, the first is very good, and the second I don’t like very much at all. And some of their best songs are on 7"s!