Hot Snakes are touring the uk again

Here’s a gig;

Probably others too


Awesome. Here’s another:

I reckon there will be a couple more too.

I guess time will tell my good friend

3rd - Nottingham
4th - Manchester
5th - Newcastle
6th - Glasgow
8th - Dublin
10th - Birmingham
11th - Leeds
12th - London
13th - Bristol
14th - Brighton
15th - Cambridge


I guess @daggers was right. Those are a few gigs.

Play Cardiff you cunts


A good number, quite a few, but not too many

Tbf Bristol on the 13th followed by Shellac in Cardiff on the 14th would be an amazing one-two in an alternate universe where I could afford that.


Agreed, a nice day off either side of their Dublin gig too which I think is sensible, and their first few dates are a rather sensible trail in a northern direction

Coming back to Cambridge (of all places) the day after my birthday. Missed their previous visit and was kicking myself, assumed it was a one off …

Portland eh.


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Free day either side where they could do Belfast.
Cmon Strange Victory and do the needful!

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Got Glasgow tickets!!!
Might go to Newcastle the night before too!
Hopefully a new album coming out?!?!?

Belfast 7th…



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I’ve been very unlucky with not getting to see them in the past, better fuckin happen this time

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Ticket bought

Only £15 for Belfast but almost €30 for Dublin! Mad discrepancy

Booked for London :+1: