Hot snakes - new album (Jericho Sirens)


Who likes hot snakes? There might be a new album on the way soon. They’ve been in the studio at least:


Yeah, that doesn’t work.

This does though:


ah yeah damn, doesn’t work for me now either. Must have got too excited to copy and paste properly or something. Thanks for the heads up!


I like Hot Snakes! I’m cautiously optimistic. And anything that gives them excuse to tour over here again gets a thumbs up from me.


i didn’t know hot snakes was slang for diarrhea until like 2 weeks ago, changed my whole existence.


Aye, would love to see them again. They did a quality set at the Garage about 6 years ago. Gar Forgets His Insulin was particularly raucous.


Best news.

Fun fact: I took my username from the Hot Snakes song I was listening to when I signed up


Think it was that tour I saw them in Leeds. Great set, though Reis had lost his voice by that part of the tour. Wanna see 'em at full strength.


I like Hot Snakes. This news excites me.


yeah, I like them a lot. Didn’t see them live beforehand. I might listen to audit in progress in a minute.

(Still would probably prefer a full-blown DLJ reunion though)



Snap on the Speedo username party:



Woah, missed this at the time!



I wasn’t there but apparently when Hot Snakes played live in London one time before they originally broke up they played Luau


Just decided to put on Luau and we’ve reached the amazing bit.


I was at that gig, it was awesome.


No man, that was in Dublin in Whelan’s I was there man, you don’t know you weren’t there man!


It’s like they might have had a “set” they played on tour… :thinking::wink:


This is odd

says to check out

for any information but the whole site seems to be dedicated to a hair dresser or beauty fan or something? I mean if it’s irony it’s right to the very edge!