Hot snakes - new album (Jericho Sirens)

I’ve got a ticket for Glasgow!

Yeah, latest details are on SubPop just find that website thing amusing

This is great

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Ticket for the Brudenell purchased!

London bound for me, possibly Cams as well.

Looking forward to seeing them on the good ship Thekla.

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does this work?


SO EXCITED :smiley:


new song, inexplicable (to me at least) album cover! I want all the formats, even tape


Fucking great new track that, love the album cover, suitably daft for them.

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If anyone happens to know anyone with spare tickets for Glasgow, I’d be more than happy to help take them off their hands.

That album cover is… not right! It should match the other three :frowning:
Also looks like a new cover for Automatic Midnight?

It was only ever the Telephone bit before wasn’t it? $19 for that orange vinyl? I mean fuck… that seems cheap. I think I’m going in!

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I might get all of them on vinyl if they are only $19, have you had a look at what the shipping to Aus is for Sub Pop by any chance?


It’s actually my birthday tomorrow so I realised I will have to wait until Wednesday to get these just to be sure no one has bought them. There’s yellow and pink options for Suicide Invoice and Audit in Progress too!

This is all very, very exciting news. Usually tend to get stung for about thirty dollars postage on this sort of thing (see MBV reissues), but the Sub Pop store seems to be very cheap compared to buying any new vinyl in Australia so I will be looking into this.

I seem to recall the SE double vinyl they did of the most recent Sleater-Kinney album was incredibly cheap for what you got.

I just ordered the LP bundle (4xLP) and shipping was $51 to UK

Nice although prepare for customs :frowning:

oh fuck I’d forgotten about that!

I’ve seen this band mentioned on here for a while now. Heard my first song of theirs on the Radio 1 rock show last night…absolutely brilliant!!
Unfortunately I’m gonna miss the Glasgow show @keith you lucky person!

Can’t believe I missed this band until now!