Hot snakes - new album (Jericho Sirens)


I’ve seen this band mentioned on here for a while now. Heard my first song of theirs on the Radio 1 rock show last night…absolutely brilliant!!
Unfortunately I’m gonna miss the Glasgow show @keith you lucky person!

Can’t believe I missed this band until now!


will keep an ear out though it would probably the same people. ask to review it for Rave Child or see if Jamie can get you in or something :wink:


She’s already asked Colin :confused:

Hello Rave Child would you like an illiterate idiot to write a review for your website page thing please yes?


Have you read their content?


That’s the whole CD insert cover unfolded.

Tempted to get one of these on vinyl actually. Always agonise over which is my favourite album though as it changes constantly.


Do you ever get hit for customs here in Aus?

In the UK anything over £18 is often slammed and it’s not cheap.


No, I’ve always been fine. I think the threshold at the moment is something like 1000 dollars or an equally ridiculous amount. Can get charged for wooden items if they need testing/treating I believe but I think they are changing the law some time soon to make you pay the GST on much cheaper goods to try to make people buy shit locally instead of online from overseas.

Records/Books/clothes I’ve certainly never paid extra duty or taxes on.


Just checked and anything that isn’t alcohol or tobacco and is valued under $1000 is fine. No duty.


God bless your crazy libertarian ways (but don’t try to bring a bass guitar onto a bus of we’ll stop you) :smiley:


Haha. These will only be my libertarian ways when my citizenship application goes through! Currently I am as British as you (I assume), I’ve just been here much longer.


Yeah I am British. This is a crazy country :grinning:



Given the new album a couple of listens on the Sub Pop pre-order stream over the weekend, absolutely bangin’!


I’ve put in to review it so should get it soon, v excited


Both the lead tracks from this are so devastatingly good that it’s put my excitement levels for this album to a 7 (out of 7!)!


I think Death Camp Fantasy might be my favourite track on the album*!

*at the moment.


Is this out Friday?


16th March


Listening to this now: