Hot snakes - new album (Jericho Sirens)




Is it fair to say that punk, however you define the term, has gone through a crisis of cultural placement since the turn of the century? With the integration of poptimism, music for the strange-of-heart has, arguably, drifted away from raw guitars and caterwauls, folding their sensibilities into forms previously reconciled to mainstream radio. (See: SOPHIE, or the dour postures of SoundCloud rappers.) But the clutching of punk as a talisman of self-protection to ward off the lamestream was, in many ways, always a posture, right? So what you’re left with, really, is what was always there anyways: the sound of kicking against.

This is very bad writing.
(good album, can’t touch audit in progress ((but what can?)))


I was certain this was out last week, evenwent to Diverse to pick it up…irked.


My mate asked me to do a full leaderboard of where I would place all the major Frogberg and Speedo bands, namely (chronological):

  • Pitchfork
  • DLJ
  • RFTC
  • Hot Snakes
  • Sultans
  • The Night Marchers
  • Obits

Toughie. I haven’t heard Sultans and I’ve not heard loads of RFTC so currently I am mainlining those guys and will listen to Sultans after. Unfortunately Obits ended up almost at the bottom and I still love those guys :’(

Anyway, reckon: HS > RFTC > DLJ > NM > O > P

Although I actually do listen to Pitchfork loads but I think it’s just scrappy punky fun.


Yank Crime is still the best record they’ve done imo, but yeah HS’s (now) longevity puts them a class above over all


I’ve not heard Sultans but for me the order of the others would be;

RFTC > HS > NM > O > DLJ > P


may as well

dlj = hs > p = o > nm > rftc

I love a couple of rftc songs, but I can so rarely make it through an album of theirs. Brass, man, too - it just ain’t right.


the whole album is great right, but this song is so far ahead it’s almost unfair. It’s in the same realm of “mid-album belters” with ‘Suicide Invoice’ and ‘Audit in Progress’


Folks, I have bought this based on listening to half of one track and from all the adoration that has been given in this thread.


RFTC > DLJ > NM=Sultans > O > P

RFTC just ahead of DLJ for me. RFTC still the one for me and are still great when they play live now. Love the addition of the horns to punk/rock and roll. Seeing RFTC at Leeds fest around the time of Groups Sounds blew me away. Didnt realise a band could play catchy music that rocked so hard. Hope they releases a new album at some point.


Just realised Hot Snakes are missing!

RFTC > HS > DLJ > NM=Sultans > O > P


An impossible task. How can you rank the genius of Speedo and Froberg?


Something wrong with this sentence, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: brass is so very, very right! Always thought it made their songs heavier and more meatier, tbh.


I’m probably just configured somehow wrong, got badly disposed sense organs - I want to like it, I just can’t!






Fucking bloody US dateline shit!


Also, keep seeing this as Woody Harrelson for some reason :joy:


Google even had the temerity to tell me this morning that it was out today.


I usually don’t attempt to listen to new releases until post-work to avoid exactly this frustration every Friday.