Hot Snakes

I’ve got this album, it’s pretty good. Gar Wood as well, so it’s a winner.

Actually, it would be cool to do a big connecting diagram of all the Swami/John/Rik/Gar projects to see how everything fits together.

Sorry that I’m posting a lot in this thread, I just love talking about anything John Reis-related.

Going tomorrow, don’t really know them, but looking forward to it enormously.

Well, that was amazing. They stormed it through, did a great mix off of Automatic, Audit and Suicide and 4 new ones that sounded meaty. Gar Wood’s bass was proper filth and boomy in places.

Only downside was a couple of dickhead stage divers, but Speedo ripped into them a bit and threw one off the stage at one point :smiley:


Banger in Bristol. Took me an age to get into as was rammed, and was getting shuffled around constantly, but was really good.

Went to the pub afterwards and they all walked in and we had a great chat with Rick Froberg who was an utter gent.

Nice! Which pub was that out of interest?


You lucky bastard! :smiley:

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