Hot, sweaty Thursday filth

To answer the OP: in mine and Mrs CCB’s early days, we used to call it “Going To The Woodville”. The story goes that we’d told my housemates that we were going to the Woodville pub in Cardiff, but we ended up going to my bedroom instead. Our housemates cottoned on that we’d not gone to the pub and so it became known as “going to the Woodville”.

This was maybe 20 years ago though. *Live Bed Show by Pulp plays in the background*

Sweaty sex is fine, sweaty cuddles, kisses and hand holding out in the sun is the most awful thing any human has ever done.


Quite like post-night out sweaty oral. Shoot me.

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I don’t know where that comes from but it is an intrinsically sexual image to me

of course it is, it’s Danny DeVito covered in slime


This is the ultimate taboo surely

It’s very Videodrome.

Suddenly I fancy a roast.

Anyone want to go for a run and then slap tummies (not a euphemism) with me for a bit

  • I would in theory yeah
  • No never

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