Hot Water Music/bands that sound like HWM


These guys are just one of those band names that I was always super familiar with, but for whatever reason never listened to. I was/still am a huge fan of Planes Mistaken For Stars, Small Brown Bike, other gruff shouty post-hardcore/melodic punk types, just wondering if anyone had any deep dive recommendations you’d like to offer up? Maybe some recent bands that are doing this kind of stuff? I know it’s probably a bit turn-of-the-Willennium specific as a sound, but what with the #emorevival I thought there might be something like this rattling around that I may have missed. Thanks kindly.


Should have probably mentioned that I finally got around to listening to HWM and am well in to it. Obvs.


I’ve just got seriously into HWM too.

I’d had some of Chuck Ragans solo stuff but never really delved into the HWM back catalogue. It’s been shouty singalong fun

(very) early Gaslight Anthem might be a good bet (Sink or Swim) but avoid the later stuff. They went very badly downhill after ‘The 59 Sound’

I would also say Dillinger Four.

Started listening to them recently following a recommendation from a workmate. Actually he said “I liked this band when I was 16, so you’ll probably like them”. Given I’m almost twice his age I’m not sure if he meant that as a compliment or not.


Check out Timeshares: - similar gruff/shouty edge punk like HWM.

I second Dillinger Four - brilliant, brilliant band. Saw them this year back in April, they were amazing.

Latterman are good as well (not really recent, but the similar vein)


Banner Pilot are pretty good. Polar Bear Club are quite similar. HWM did a split with the Bouncing Souls a few years ago where they covered each other’s songs which is really good. Bouncing Souls are a bit more poppy than HWM, but definitely check them out. Otherwise, check out Jawbreaker if you haven’t already. The only similarity is the ‘gruffness’, but Jawbreaker are/were fucking amazing.


Shit – almost forgot about Off With Their Heads:


Just listening to Latterman, EXACTLY what I was looking for!


Ah yeah Dillinger Four came up on the Spotify “Similar Artists” list and I’m really enjoying it. Gaslight Anthem are another band I’ve never sampled but I’ll give it a go, ta


Leatherface are the auld Sunderland version of HWM. ‘MUSH’ is a good album. They did a split with HWM also?


Didn’t read the ‘recent’ bit oops


Listen to The Scandals track Emerald City


Latterman are awesome.

Slightly popper vocals but I think still apply, I’m gonna throw Iron Chic into the ring:


Maybe try these if you haven’t already


Love this… Small Brown Bike sounding, less gruff though


I got completely obsessed with the Bear Vs Shark album Terrorhawk for a while following a HWM obsession that lasted a year.

Just listening again now and it totally stands up.

10/10, resolutely recommend. They manage to provide all the exciting bits of poppy post-hardcore without the, in my opinion, whiney vocal melodies and predictable song structures - e.g. Polar Bear Club, especially that second album, whyyyyy.


I love a bit of Propagandhi. They were a bit of a jokey pop punk band on Fat Wreck but really changed their sound over the years to a dead serious punk / thrash / hardcore band.


they’ve reformed/are re-issuing their stuff as well


Couple of decent UK bands you might like:




No probs! Check out The Lawrence Arms as well.



I think GA’s American Slang is good - pretty underrated. The one after is weaker, but still has some good songs.