Hot Water Music/bands that sound like HWM


Nah that’s cool, I’d never heard Leatherface either. Listening to Minx now, and I like it a lot


A lot of the HWM side projects are also pretty great and worth checking out, eg Chuck Ragan’s solo stuff, The Draft, and my favourite The Blacktop Cadence, who have a more emo influenced sound.

For bands that sound more similar to HWM, I like North Lincoln, Shorebirds (who are ex-Latterman), Twelve Hour Turn, The Tim Version etc. (Sorry I can’t find youtube links whilst at work)


Enjoyed Banner Pilot! I’ll give Polar Bear Club a go next. Yeah I’ve sporadically listened to Jawbreaker and I think I appreciate it more than I love it? I’d give them another shot though, what would you say their best is?


I’m about 45 seconds in and I can tell I’m going to love this


24 Hour Revenge Therapy is probably their best, but Dear You is really good too. It was a bit divisive upon release, as it came out on Geffen and loads of their fans thought they had sold out, blah blah blah. It’s got some of their best songs on it though. Listen to all of them.


There are some great UK bands with a gruff HWM vibe - try Bear Trade or Bangers.


Loving this thread, working through some of the recomendations. Jawbreaker have got to be cornerstone OP, and worth pursuing.
It brought to mind a slightly more punky melodic band I used to listen to called ‘The Gambits’ but apparently the internet has never heard of them. They were American, anyone any ideas?


Love Bangers - saw their last ever show back in August, great guys.


This is great, I’m well set for work soundtracks today, thanks all!


I’m also really digging Already Dead by Timeshares. Kind of sounds like a gnarlier version of early Get Up Kids? Just as far as how upbeat and melodic it is.


I’m really enjoying the new Tiny Moving Parts album:


Polar Bear Club are decent aye. Jawbreaker are the greatest though, see once they hook you in it’s kinda game over. 24 Hour Revenge is the best album but they’re all pretty great, here’s some choice cuts:

Kiss the Bottle is my favourite and it’s not even on an album!


The Wonder Years


Like Chuck Ragan, Chris Wollard went in a more folky direction, but the the new one by Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves, No Anchor, is back to being gruffy n punky.

Red City Radio

The Loved Ones



Oooh, eeeexcellent. :smiley:




I just remembered The Draft. They were pretty good. This Replacements cover is decent too:


Yeah, got a lot of time for er…Timeshares! Discovered them on a rock sound comp, bought Already Dead on the strength of The Bad Parts.


Album of the year talk lead me to these guys. Gruff. Melodic. I’m really liking it.

The new Arms Aloft album came out after this thread was started as well. Up the same kind of alley as a lot in here.

This sounds pretty promising as well but only given it a quick sample so far.