Hot weather pros and cons


++ it’s dead easy to butter bread
– outside burns me skin
++ everyone looks nice
– sweating out my body weight each day
++ undies only home dress code more socially acceptable
– never sleep again

  • get to eat an ice cream before midday and its fine
  • everything else


++ it makes the country look nicer
– drains my energy
– only 4/5 hours of darkness to get that sleep in
– skin cancer


++ its bloody lovely
– physical activity becomes a chore by minute number two
++ my other half wears shorts more
– no energy to do anything about that
++ pub lunches
– other people having pub lunches if I’m working at the pub
++ much easier to sort all the animals out at home
– always concerned in case they’re combusting


+ you can drink in the park without looking like a tramp
- the park is full of pissed up twats


+the smells of the countryside on my commute home are brilliant (cut fields and grass, the smell of water on warm ground, that great smell of cool air as your doing 60mph with all the windows down)
+It’s the only time working in a refrigerated workplace pays off. Love walking into a foodhall from a baking day and knowing that you can stay cool all day
+Ice cold shit beer

-im fat, so I sweat a lot doing anything
-i don’t deal with the heat well at all. Get tetchy, can’t sleep well ect…
-working is harder than usual


+the countryside looks glorious when you’re in your nice, cold, air conditioned car.
+a cold, fizzy drink is delightful

-literally everything else - I feel like I’m suffocating



++ It’s only this warm in the UK about once every ten years, and then only for about three days in a row.
– People complaining about three days of warm weather.


– people thinking you should be grateful for being reduced to a sweating, uncomfortable, not sleeping mess



I’ve had a once in a generation idea - going to sleep in the garage.

What's your most-liked (non-heavy) post on the new site?

i’m cool with it now tbh. first day or so were uncomfortable, but you learn to love it.


this warm in particular, maybe.
but in general we have a lot more warm weather than you’d think the way people go on.

i don’t cope well with hot weather. at all. it drains the life out of me and i can’t see the attraction of that. in wet or cold weather, you can put on an extra jumper, hot weather you can’t get away from. however i tend to just suck it up and not complain because everyone else seems happier. ironically, it’s the people who actively pray for this weather who seem to be the first ones to complain about the side effects.


–sleep is a bit hard
++literally everything else. I love summer


++ none whatsoever
– misery


++ places that have air conditioning
– it’s England so fucking nowhere has air con


This is the problem I think, as it’s not often this hot, people aren’t used to it and clearly there’s no point spending money installing air conditioning, etc. It’s the mirror image of the one day a year it snows and everything grinds to a halt.


that day is brilliant tho. cause it snowed.


I’m gonna get an air conditioner, will be worth it for the one day every 5 years it’s needed