Hotel trying to charge me for damages, any advice?

Fell asleep holding a can of beer last night like an idiot, woke up and maybe half of it had spilled in the hotel bed. Didn’t think too much of it tbh, thought it was just the sheets a bit, tried to mop it down with a towel etc.

Got a call and it soaked through into the mattress and they’re trying to charge me £200 odd for a new one. Seems excessive. What can I do? What can (or realistically would) they do if I fight it?

Get your indie bedwetter jokes in early.


Are you still in the same town? Could do with some sort of photographical proof surely? Can you go back and have a look at it? If not get them to send pictures incase it goes further.

Have they got your card on file? Could do with knowing if/when they can charge anything to it.

£200 probably isn’t excessive for a quality mattress but definitely sounds like they’re pulling a fast one.

Yeah but it’s a prepaid debit card thing and if they tried to charge it doesn’t have enough on it to go through. Would they legally be allowed to do that?

I could ask for photographic evidence. Also considering asking for proof and receipt that they’re getting a replacement one in, cos it really doesn’t seem necessary.

I’m not that far away but would be a pretty big faff to go back in person.

Half a can of beer would probably ruin a mattress to the point they can’t get the smell out for future customers. £200 seems pretty cheap for a hotel mattress as they tend to be much much expensive that standard ones.

So that’s unlucky but I wouldn’t say they were trying to con you. How much they can enforce it I don’t know though.

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You could maybe meet in the middle and foot the cost to get it cleaned. You can hire machines called Rug Doctors from supermarkets for about £30 a day including chemicals, but probably more realistically you could get a proper company in to deep clean it for less than £50.

Just really surprised it would’ve soaked through cos it felt like a fairly thick mattress protector under the sheets etc. If I’d considered it might’ve been a problem for a second I would’ve spent the morning trying to sort it.

Probably just worth paying it and saving myself the trouble, eh? £200 can of beer, ffs.

My bet would be that’s the cost of getting it cleaned, the one night’s business they’d lose drying it out, and a nice profit. They’ll almost certainly be Tories.


Seems very cheap for a new mattress.


I’m sure their T&Cs would allow them to charge you for any damages.

Whether they would pursue you (presumably through the courts) if the charge can’t be processed by the card is another matter.

Probably won’t welcome you back, either way.

accept the charges, go back and drink 10 more cans on the mattress


Find it really hard to believe a deep clean wouldn’t get rid of the smell. I’d have had to buy a few mattresses in my lifetime if that was the case

There’s also the consideration of the lost revenue if they’ve booked the room for tomorrow night and now someone can’t stay in it. The mattress can probably be cleaned but it’s an almighty pain in the arse to do so. Unfortunately the £200 seems reasonable and you might just have to chalk it up to experience.

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If you or any member or invitee of your group causes damage to the hotel, injures other guests or their property, or otherwise breaches any of these Purchase Terms, we reserve the right to:

  • cancel your reservation with immediate effect and (if appropriate) eject you from the hotel;
  • retain all sums paid by you and/or charge you the full amount of your reservation; and/or
  • refuse future reservations from you and/or refuse you entry or accommodation at any of our hotels.

We will not be liable for any refund or compensation in such circumstances.

If you are a non-business customer you have certain rights under consumer protection legislation and nothing in these Purchase Terms is intended to affect those rights."

I can very much live with not going back tbh. Just wanna know how much trouble it’d be if I resist it.

Ignore me

I’ve never soiled a mattress to the extent I’ve ever needed to find out :slightly_smiling_face: what have you been doing to yours?!

Yeah and as others have pointed out it’s the time the bed/room is out of action too. Although surely every hotel would have spare mattresses hanging around.

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Seems a bit unfair not to pay as you probably have cost them money, no?

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Burn the place to the ground

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Same as nestor, probably, not the kind of thing you think twice about!

I’ve a lot of experience with hotels, i think even when they’re technically at full capacity they will always have rooms kept free and mattresses not being used. A b & b, yeah i’d feel bad but not a hotel, they’ll be fine.
It’s incredibly, sadly common for people to smoke on the sly in hotel rooms, btw, so i imagine they plan for these things