Hotel's dead son dummy horrifies woman

I’m not going to lie; I did laugh at this


Fucking hell

I think it’s the can of lager. A nice touch…


and some people say dead kids are never funny

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Jesus fucking Christ. Might write it into my will that I’m to be stuffed, with tears on my face and a can in my hand, and placed forever on my bed.

OMG the can of lager.

Staff 1: hey, instead of just the balloons and cake, let’s build a dummy out of their clothes and lay it on the bed

Staff 2: that is a fantastic idea, we should definitely make a dummy of the dead son from their clothes

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Do you remember that dead woman posed for a photo smoking a cigarette?

I didn’t imagine this, did I?

What? How did she pose if she was dead?

It probably shouldn’t be funny… but it is very funny.


it’s making me laugh more the longer i think about it


Tears on the face for me