Hottest and coldest gigs

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What are the hottest and coldest gigs you’ve ever been to?


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you didn’t even post your own hotgig story yet!!

I fainted at a Yo La Tengo gig at Shepherd’s Bush empire. It was very acoustic heavy at that point. It was just too hot. There were 3 other people in the medical bit who had also fainted.

Coldest: Mogwai at 2am in the pissing rain at Porto was quite bad. My fingers were so cold I couldn’t order a taxi home and my lips had gone blue.


Warmest - the xx at the Ritz in July you could see the steam coming out of the doors at the end. Think they opened the doors part way through. Convinced they oversold that gig as well for MIF.

Coldest - Slint at the Albert Hall in February.


Adebisi Shank farewell gig in Whelan’s. Came out with t-shirt and jeans completely drenched in sweat. Called over to my mate’s gf’s gaff after and she looked at me and my mate all puzzled asking “is it raining outside?”


hottest was definitely Colin Stetson at Gorilla in Manchester, at the height of summer, pretty sure someone in front of me fainted from the heat

Hottest: The Thermals at The Garage maybe 10 years ago. I was completely drenched in sweat.

Coldest: Low at Union Chapel on Friday 14th February 2003. An amazing gig but so so cold :cold_face:.
I remember the next day was the anti-Iraq war march. That was a slightly warmer day but not by much.

Hottest was probably Download Festival in 2006 - on the first day I had to go sit in the second stage tent for a good couple of hours to cool down and try and rehydrate. Felt like shit for a good while until Clutch came on - I’d somehow never heard of them, before and loved every second of their set. Anything downstairs at Birthdays in Dalston or The Sebright Arms probably would come close!

Coldest was probably The National at Brixton Academy on the High Violet tour in 2010 - due to ice and snow a few of my friends couldn’t get down to Brixton for it and I had to walk a good part of the way up the hill from Streatham as the buses were struggling. Probably the only indoor gig I’ve ever worn a wool coat, hat, scarf and gloves to.

Hottest was probably Silver Sun at The Cockpit in Leeds in October 98. The venue was built under the railway arches and at this point there was no air con, it may have been October but it was stifling in there, sweat running down people’s faces, condensation dripping off the corrugated roof onto people’s heads.

Coldest I think was Her Name Is Calla at Leftbank in Leeds in 2011, an old converted church with no heating. We were advised to bring coats and that was wise as it was colder in there than outside!

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Apt name


Any gig at Gorilla in MCR, always seems boiling no matter who is on.

Went to see Oh Sees at Albert Hall when the ‘Beast from the East’ was around a few years back. Was certain it’d be called off as it was a late finish so it was pretty sparsely attended due to no public transport. Still an excellent gig despite having the big winter coat on throughout.

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Hottest: Sugababes/SKM at the Scala. It was the hottest day of the year, and must have been pushing 50 degrees in there.

Coldest: Either a gig at union chapel in the winter, or maybe Yes Way festival at Auto Italia in March about ten years ago - an old car dealership with no heating or insulation at all.

Katy Perry



Napalm Death in Fibbers on the quays in Dublin.
Just disgusting. Covered in sweat which was only mostly mine. Barney was pouring water over his head to try to deal with the heat. Dunno how the drummer survived.

Teeth of the Sea in the Clapham Grand. December 2020.
The heating was broken and we were all seated so couldn’t sway to try and warm up. Big coats and whiskey got me through it.


Hottest: The Thermals at XOYO, London 01/04/2011. It was thoroughly unenjoyable.

Coldest: I don’t know, I was probably wearing a jumper or something. There’s a very slim chance it might have been The Thermals at Paradiso, Amsterdam 25/10/2013.

The aptly named Boileroom in Guildford is almost unbearably hot when at full capacity Alvvays and Reel Big Fish gigs stand out in my as being a couple of the warmest. You can tell when they’ve recently had a busy night as the posters on the ceiling are either peeling off or freshly replaced.

Something at the Union Chapel during the winter.

To cover both bases; Placebo and AC Acoustics in the Reading Allycat around 96/97 was ridiculously hot and sweaty. I remember walking out of the venue, completely drenched in sweat and dizzy from the heat, to a freezing icy outside world with a walk to the station that seems to take hours. I was ill for a week or so after.

think mogwai at albert hall in manchester had to be delayed until the building cooled down :confused: luckily it was a sit down gig for the zidane film.

Are we counting festival sets? I think I got a mild case of heat stroke watching a former diser play on the train at Indietracks one year. Coldest will be a festival or outdoor gig too but I couldn’t say which.

Metallica, Download 2006

hottest day of that year, main stage so an open-air heat trap. had to have been mid-30s

and obvs I waited + gradually moved forward during the awful Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium, plus there was a loooong wait for Metallica

I had a bottle of water with me that I was rationing through, but being packed in like that, in that weather, it was actually dangerous and I’m amazed people didn’t end up badly ill

like, my water ended up warm by the end

stuck it out for as much of Metallica as possible before retreating to the banked side on the left, only to discover the Walls van was out of any drinks

so I bought 4 Fab lollies and sat eating them watching the two encores